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– Hey, everyone. – Thanks for tuning into Cook
with April on Tasty Tuesday with our taste tester Justin.
– Hey. – Today, we’re doing
my mom’s turon recipe. Turon is a deep-fried
banana egg roll dessert that is from the Philippines,
so I hope you guys enjoy. So here are the ingredients for the turon, you’re gonna need the
spring roll pastry wrappers. You can get this in the
frozen section at, like, an Asian market like Ranch. I’ve seen it at grocery
stores, you know how they have specific, like, Asian sections? And the fridge aisle, you
can find it there, too. Mine was frozen so I have to
defrost it for 30 minutes, just to let you guys know. And then for the caramel
sauce you’re just gonna need butter and brown sugar. I like to add salt and
baking soda as well. And you’re gonna need a whole lotta oil, ’cause you are deep-frying the turon, so this is just regular vegetable oil. And you’ll need some
brown sugar and jackfruit. I wanted to show you guys a
container, how it looks like. I get this at Ranch Market or
any Asian store will have it. The one that my mom always
got was the Aroy-D one, and it’s in syrup, so it’s really sweet. So it’s gonna be really good. And then, of course, the
main thing, the bananas. These are plantains or
also saba you can use, and they look like this,
like I have one that I didn’t cut up because I wanted you
to see what it looks like. They’re like a bigger
banana than a regular one. So let’s get started, you guys. Oh, and I almost forgot, my bad. Some water, this water is for
kind of putting everything together and making the wrapper stick. Oh, and this is what
the wrapper looks like, it’s called spring roll
pastry, again, you can get it at Ranch Market or the grocery store. So the first thing I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna grab a banana and I’m gonna dip it in brown sugar. Just coat it in a good
amount of brown sugar. And then you’re gonna
put that in a wrapper, and I’m gonna add jackfruit. Jackfruit is optional,
but my mom taught me to just add jackfruit. And then you’re gonna
just wrap it up like this. And then I like to roll it and roll it and roll it like that. Everyone wraps their,
you know, their lumpia, their turon a different way,
but I like it like this, ’cause then it’s extra crispy
’cause it’s got a whole lotta layer of the wrapper. So that’s one is done, and I did clean this surface, you guys. So let’s do it, one mo’ ‘gain. So, wrap it in brown sugar. Add jackfruit, I like to add
two just to cover it real good. And then wrap it like this in the middle, maybe even get a little water
to get that to stick together like that, and then I like
to just go in, like this, and wrap it. And, again, make sure you have
a little water you dip in, so that it stays on like that. Alright, you guys, I put oil
in the pan, I heated it up. We’ve been testing it to see,
I think it’s ready to go. You’re ready to deep-fry
that deliciousness. Oh, that’s perfect. I should actually lower the
heat because, as I’m adding, I don’t want it to burn the rest. So you’re just gonna deep-fry
these guys on each side for a few minutes, but you’ll know, like, if your heat is higher, you’re
gonna have to flip it faster. It’s so exciting, I’m gonna
have to take a picture, send it to my mama, like,
look, mom, I did your recipe. (bright, happy music) Alright, you guys, we gotta flip it. Some got too burnt and
some are just perfect. There we go. So I think these guys are
ready, so I’m just gonna transfer it on a rack, and
I have it on a cooling rack so that the oil can just
drip down underneath it. The cooling rack is on
top of a cookie sheet. And also because I’m gonna
put caramel on top later, and it’s gotta, you know, coat it nicely and then I just pour it on top like that. Look how beautiful and
browned it is, looking crispy, exactly how we want it to look. Alright, you guys, it’s time
to make the caramel sauce. I melted the butter and now I’m going to add the brown sugar. I like to give it a good mix and increase the heat, ’cause
I want it to get to a boil. (bright, happy music) Do you guys see how it’s gotten to a boil? You’re gonna turn that
off, and what I like to do is I like to add a pinch of salt, that. And a pinch of baking soda, like that. And you are good to go,
you could pour that on top of the lumpia, or no,
why did I say lumpia? The turon. (bright, happy music) You guys, so this works
better, you just put, instead of pouring the caramel,
just put the entire turon inside the caramel and
it works even better. ‘Cause that way it’s completely coated. Oh, I shoulda done that
earlier, but, you know, trial and error. And then, oh, it gets it, like, a nice, completely coated amount of sugar. And I’m all about that caramel life. Get that there, toss it around little bit. Yes, friends. Mkay, we’re all done. ♪ Taste testing time ♪
– Yes! Is it still hot? So I need–
– Okay, first of all, disclaimer, my mom shared
this recipe, it’s her recipe, and I can never make
it as good as my mom’s, ’cause your mom always makes, you know, everyone’s mamas always
makes a better one. – I don’t know, babe.
– It’s hot. – This might be giving your
mom’s a run for the money. – Oh, no, mama.
– I’m sorry. – No, my mama’s gonna come for you. – This is excellent.
– Thank you. – This just tastes just like it. – Thank you. – Or even a little bit better.
– No, don’t say that. – It’s really good.
– Well, my mom just sprinkles brown sugar on top and then uses the heat of the turon
itself to kind of melt it, but I like making caramel
sauce, this is probably extra, you know, the butter, the brown sugar, but I like to put all that on top. – You know why I actually
like this one better? Sorry, Mom, seriously, I’m going there. It’s not as fried as the one
your mom does, I feel like. Like the wrapping, does she
use two wrapping papers on it? I don’t know, ’cause it
feels like there’s a lot more wrapping on the one she makes and I– – This is not a tea channel, okay? (Justin laughs)
This is not a tea channel. We need to stop the insanity.
– All I’m saying is I really like this. If you guys have never had
plantains or jackfruit, the combination flavor together. Plantains, it looks like
a banana, of course, but it’s slightly different, it’s not as sweet I
feel like maybe, right? And the consistency is just
a little bit different. But the jackfruit with
the plantain together, the wrapping, the brown
sugar, and the caramel. This is really good, it’s like… – The reason why it
wasn’t as fried is because the fryer we were using was
not as good as a stove range, like the range that we have, it just couldn’t get hot enough (laughs). But thank you, friends,
so much for watching. Mom, I apologize for the tea
on this video (both laugh). Just kidding, my mom’s probably just proud that I actually made this, but– – Ah, this is so good though.
– Yeah, thank you guys for watching, bye. Ooh, I’ma call my mama
(Justin groans) and tell on you, tell on you.