You won’t survive today, you potato Buy snacks (bhel) from here Do you want snacks (bhel) friends? Here, have some It will cost you 30 Rupees And if you come to our house We will give it you free of cost Hi friends Today we are going to do Twin telepathy snack (bhelpuri) challenge Whoever likes bhel puri, please like this video And yes, if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe So now let us start we will enjoy very much, yess Mom bring the 1st item come on This is the most important item for the snack (bhel) Puffed rice (parmal) So your first item is this Mom choose from this and pick the bowl you want to add in the snack (bhel) I’ll choose this and me this pick up the bowl in your hand Oho, we picked different ones make your snack (bhel) properly Aayu will you add so little to the snack (bhel) I am still adding it in, wait Oh, I should wait enough, very good now mix this Now should I get the next item? Sister we lost in the 1st round but we will win the next round Do you know the meaning of twin telepathy? Meaning if we choose the same items we have similar taste in things Right Aayu? Come on Mom next round next item Ohhh I’ll add this and me this What is this happening? every time Means Aayu and Pihu’s choices are not smiliar at all. I thought that this is cherry This is cherry? This is toamto Okay okay What all are you bringing? We aren’t able to guess Yes Mom bring some easy ones Bring some easy ones like chcocolate You add chcocolate to this? Aayu can do that Not only this snack (bhel) I can add chocolate to anything in this world That’s why his name is chocolate boy I know that Hmm.. Mom next round Yes, take this This is for Aayu And this for Pihu Now let’s see Oho oho Whichever item you choose, pick it up in your hand I choose this, I this YESSSS!!! Now add these Peanuts And the second item was Chickpea, chickpea Should we add the whole thing? Thank you Mom I’m done I’m also done oohh What is this happening We got two wrong and one correct Hahaha What is this happening with us today sister? I am mixing right now Ohhh ohh ohhh Whatever you pick, take it in your hand I’ll eat this I knew this because who will eat chilli That isn’t green chilli, it’s bell pepper and this is potato add the whole thing? Sister you also add the whole thing Buy some snacks (bhel) from me Buy snack (bhel) from me for just 30 Rs. Do you want some snack (bhel) friends? Have some You will have to give me 30 Rs. and we will give it you for free when you will come to our house You won’t survive today potato. You are still there Next round Ohh.. I’ll choose this I’ll choose umm… this Oh sister, you made us loose again I didn’t make us loose you did you know my favourite is cherry but mine is pomegranate and pomegranate is usually added in this I don’t add it and I like pomegarnate in this and I like cherries in this and I am eating some too so the mistake is yours Should I get the next one? Yes, no Take the pomegranate not the cherry you can’t have these many take this Mom he gave these after so much effort It was very tasty sister Now this is a difficult choice so difficult I’ll choose this I choose this Oh no I like this Today Aayu and Pihu aren’t selecting the same things at all. I chose split chickpeas I chose spilt mung beans Not moon I like these It’s mung not moon Sister you should have chosen the same as mine The fault isn’t mine, it’s your’s It’s your’s It’s your’s See you can see so much red chilli still you know I like spicy food I like sweet This isn’t sweet But isn’t spicy either that’s why I didn’t chose it Come on Mom next round Our team is loosing today But we did won the first one Today Mom is winning Aayu we have to win, so many are done If you loose, means Mom wins No, we will still eat what smell is this? It’s something like lemon I can smell lemon Next round This one is your favourite Hmm Oh that’s so difficult Oh How will we guess this? I’ll choose this Pihu what do you want? I like both Choose one no choose one This You loose Oho Mom won but we will still eat we won’t give it to you Yes you can eat, but I’ll win I chose potato chips and I chose banana chips That’s why we lost Right Aayu, this happened bcause of you. don’t eat, you have to add this in too sister I won in eating and I in adding things Can I add it all Mom? Yes sure? Now we will mix You enjoy these type of things Aayu are you washing clothes? Yes Okay, give me the plate We washed those clothes, with so much difficulty in that Mummy’s strike video Yes You make us work yes I know how many you washed I washed them all Hmm I know how much work you two do We did the cleaning and moping too Yes, and we washed the dishes yes we kneaded the flour too Laughing Next round Now what are we going to get? Don’t give us more difficult ones now Ohhh… ohh.. Red chilli sauce and green chilli sauce I’ll choose I’ll choose this this one Third same, no fourth same Finally we got the same yes third green chilli sister can I add this to your’s? who are you saying this to? To you I’ll just add one drop one enough that’s enough It will be tastier with the sauce only Mom you should have given us sauce yes like chocolate sauce, caramel sauce silly I am not talking about those sauce I am saying tomato sauce Aayu Yes, like tomato sauce Aayu Red chilli sauce Aayu you can’t think anything other than chocolate not even in my dreams He was saying to me that I dream I am on a chocolate mountain and that I ate it in 1 minute Aayu clothes are washed leave it I want to wash some more Take this It should be easy one this time We got what we asked for Yes but one came, but one came This one I choose this too We are learning as it’s getting closer to the end Now I’ll add I’ll add a lot me too even more than a thousand drops Mom Can I add the tamrind sauce too? Laughing You can only add what you chose Right Mom? Mom see sister’s is so red in colour Hmm.. sister’s added a good amount of tomato sauce and mine is white white Mom can I add the tamrind sauce No Then what’s the meaning of the challenge You can only add what you chose sister you should have chosen tamrind sauce Come on I’ll get the next item okay bring it Now we will love it bring the next one I want to eat this me too I’ll at least eat one Laughing next round They came Why can’t we eat? Ohh… OH…. Ohh.. I’ll add this and me this at last we got the same answer Can I add it all Mom? Your wish Okay I’ll add it all It feels like we are adding grated cheese yes Thats it I’ve added nylon sev (crunchy snack) But I do like flattened chickpeas me too but, chose crunchy noodle yes by mistake This is also added in Puri Sev Puri (savory snack) yes… our snack (bhel) is ready let us start Sister will you eat with such a big spoon no Mom spoon I’ve brought a spoon and some coriander and lemon for decoration too It will get tastier Mom tastier hmm… Aayu now knows how to make snack (bhel) give it to me do it with this Aayu add some coriander too add loads of it No I don’t eat a lot of it It will look green then What will happen with just one spring I won’t add green chilli don’t add green chilli add other things It’s looking so beautiful I’m gonna eat now It’s very tasty sister Very Nice Mom the snack today is so nice Mom taste the snack I’ve made Aayu has made something for the first time and that to salty one chocolaty boy made something salty wow.. Aayu