>>I need to think really hard.>>Because the loser
cannot eat their cake.>>Hey guys it’s Karina.
>>It’s Ronald from>>SIS vs BRO! And today we are doing
Twin Telepathy Cake Challenge! This going to be exactly
like the slime challenge. We’re going to be using our
twin telepathy skills and sense! What the other person’s pick. If they get they’re
right then, they get a point but if they don’t then,
the other person gets the point.>>All righty.>>So let’s begin. Rock paper scissors.>>Who’s goes first? Tan tan tan
tananananan! Rock paper scissors shoot!>>Oh yeah.
I go first. Go first.
I go first. Okay guys,
round number one! We’re going to be picking
our cake flavor. We got vanilla, Milka.
I love Milka. And we got some Oreo.>>Okay.>>I’m going to be picking so,
all right. Which one do I want? I want this one.>>I want this one.
>>All right. Yeah! [laughter] I got Milka,
you got Oreo. I got the point!
>>Oreo is better! Well, the original Milka’s better but the Oreo cake
is 100% better. I’m going to have
all those crunchy, awesome stuff and you’re going to be in the corner
with your Milka, so lonely.>>But Milka’s delicious
and I get the point. [music playing] All right. So we’re going to put these to the side
because we don’t want you!>>Get away!>>And we’re going
to bring this in. And we’re going
to dump this inside.>>Ooh la la.>>I can smell it
through the package!>>Mine smells like a package. Can I smell yours?
>>Yeah.>>Oh wow.
Can you smell mine?>>Eww.
>>It smells like a package.>>All right.
But I need to dump this in. Wait Ronald.
This is the flour. That’s why you
couldn’t smell anything. [music playing] That’s your Oreo. Can I smell?>>It smells like package. Oreo doesn’t really
smell like anything.>>But Milka smells delicious. All right.
Let’s open this up.>>But Karina,
I have a question. Are you going to be
smelling or eating?>>Both.>>Ooh. Oh! I didn’t realized
this was going to be flour. I thought it’s going
to come with the cake.>>No? All right.
Let’s dump in our cake flour. 3, 2, 1!>>Already went!>>All right. Hmm.
Mine looks good already. I want to smell this. That smells so good.>>Mine smells
like dark chocolate.>>Oh my God.
I got flour up my nose!>>Mine smells like dark chocolate
and I hate dark.>>Guys look.
We chose something different but looks pretty much the same so we’re on a good start.>>Ooh la la.>>Round two! Now we’re going to be decorating
the inside of our cake.>>Oh yeah!
>>So we got some chocolate chips. We got some Chips Ahoy! And we got some raisins. I mean raisins
can be kind of good. But they’re not very
good in the cake. They just don’t suit
the cake life.>>All righty.>>Rock paper scissors.
>>Who’s going to choose? Rock paper scissors shoot!>>Yes!>>Okay.
>>Okay. Don’t look. Look away.
That one.>>Okay. That one.>>Yes!>>I got a point!
I got two points!>>I knew you’re going
to pick this. I knew you’re going
to pick this.>>What if I didn’t pick it? What would you do?
>>I don’t know. All right! Now we’re going to
add our Chips Ahoy. This looking very
similar so far.>>Yes.
But mine is just better. Chips Ahoy. I want to try one.>>I haven’t smelled
this in so long. I am going to have to eat one
like right now.>>I thought they’re bigger?!>>No, these are mini.>>Oh.>>Eew.>>They’re good. All right.
>>Okay time to dump.>>In you go. All right. I’m going to add one
more pack of this.>>I’m going to add all
the packets to this. That’s a bit too much,
but okay. There we go.
>>Imagine this is not activator. So I don’t ruin my cake.>>All right.
That’s enough for me. Round three! We got some baking containers. We got some, a muffin tray. We got this circular cake tray and we got this square,
a rectangle one.>>Uh-huh.
>>All right.>>Rock paper scissors.>>Who’s going to choose? Rock paper scissors shoo!>>All right! What you going to pick?>>What are you going
to pick Ronald?>>I’m thinking.
I’m thinking. I also hear something
in the background. That one.>>All right. I’m going to pick that one.>>Yes! Yes! Yes!>>I was going to pick
the muffin tray! At least I’m making a cake. It’ll be easier
to decorate I think. Yeah.>>So I got one point happily. And Karina
got two points sadly.>>I like big butts and I cannot lie. And no one can deny.
Lick my b–>>Demonetized.>>So guys!
Ronald has the muffin tray. And I have the cake tray, but before we add
our cake flour inside here, we got to add some more ingredients. We got to add some butter,
we got to get some eggs. And in Ronald’s case, water. All right. We’re going
to add the butter first.>>All righty.>>All right. 3, 2, 1!
Plop!>>My cookies are sticking on!>>I just did like that.
I was like whoop!>>And now it’s time
for the eggsies. All right.>>And… plop!>>Plop!>>All right. Now you
can add your water Ronald.>>3, 2, 1.
Dab dab dab. Water is pouring. Okay guys, now it’s time to
mix our cake up. But we’re going to be
using these machines.>>Ooh, It’s heavy.>>All right. So, okay. So how do I work this thing? Whoa! No!
No, no.>>You just twisted
the butter like–>>Whoops.
>>Here we go.>>All right. Yeah, so basically
that’s how I do it, all right.>>3, 2, 1. Come on butter
get inside there. It’s getting on my shirt! All right, so we are done
mixing with that. I’m going to put my thing
on the butter tray.>>Putting it aside
so it doesn’t touch the table.>>All right.
>>All right.>>And now we’re going to put
our cake into the pans. All right. Got my cake ready,
got my spatula ready. And now it’s time to dump. Yeah. All right! All that cake going inside.
All right. Yes! Look at that!
It looks so good! I lurvv that.>>All right, now it’s time
to make my muffins. I’m going to scoop up. And dump inside. Oh yeah! Not too shabby.>>I’ve never done this before
so, yeah. Okay. Next one. I always see people make muffins
like this but a bit sticking out. So I guess that’s
the right way to do it. So I’m going to do that.>>Okay guys!
We got all our batter inside our trays and we’re going to cook this up and we’re going to see you in
>>3, 2, 1!>>So guys!
These are our cakes. Mine smells so good!>>Mine is a cupcake
and it smells like, Oreos.>>So guys!
This is my cake! It’s round and it
looks amazing!>>So guys!
These are my awesome, amazing, brown cupcakes! There’s four of them. And! I’m liking it so far
because they’re brown and they’re,
they have, they’re basically plain,
and I love it! Comment down below
if you think I’m going to win.>>So guys!
This is round number four! We got some spreads
for our cake. We got some caramel,
we got some jam. I mean jam is pretty good,
but for a cake like this…>>No.>>We got some Nutella!>>All right. Rock, paper, scissors.
>>Who’s going to pick. Rock, paper, scissors,
shoot!>>Oh well, all right.>>I feel like if I pick that,
Karina’s going to choose that. If I pick that, Karina’s
going to choose that one.>>I’m picking this.>>Yes! Yes!>>At least I got the Nutella!>>And at least I got
the Dulce De Leche! Looks like it’s a tie! 2 to 2.
>>I’m going to catch up! I mean get more.
All right. My awesome Nutella,
is being opened!>>My awesome caramel!>>Struggling a little bit.>>Tan tan tan! Amazing.
>>I have to try this.>>It smells like… It smells different. Okay let’s put this on top.>>All right.
I got my Nutella ready I’m going to need a lot
of Nutella for this. I’m off to a good start.>>I’m adding some on the sides
because I’m so cool and different. Mwahaha. Onto the second muffin.>>Guys! Mine is looking
amazing so far. Comment down below,
do you think so?>>Karina, I think mine
is going to win. You’re going to be so jealous
in that corner with your Milka thing and I’m going to be like,
hahaha, I won the challenge. Living life on vacation!>>Okay, guys!
I think I am finally done.>>Finally!>>I got to make mine
to perfection. All right.
Goodbye, Nutella. I will miss you. You will be missed.>>Yes.>>All right but now it’s time
for round number five! So guys round number five!>>We got some sprinkles.
We got the rainbow sprinkles. We got some white powdered sugar. And we got some
chocolate sprinkles!>>Okay. Rock paper scissors.
Who’s going to choose? Rock paper scissors shoot!>>Ronald’s always winning!>>That one.>>I’m going to pick that one.>>Yes! Yes! Yes! Sugar is back for–>>At least I got
rainbow sprinkles!>>At least I got sugar! You know at least I got sugar.>>Okay guys let’s
sprinkle up this cake. Whoo! Look at them.
They look so pretty!>>Karina are there sprinkles
coming out? They’re not coming
out fast enough. I think I need the big hole.>>Oh.
>>There we go. That’s better!>>Oof.>>Need a lot of sprinkles here. Cover it all in sprinkles so you
don’t see any Nutella.>>But don’t you
like Nutella more?>>But you will be
able to taste it. But you won’t be
able to see it. So it’ll be unexpected. All right.
I think that’s enough. Maybe a little more. Okay that’s better.>>All righty. It’s time for the white sugar
to be so delicious. Let’s pour. Oh wow. This is amazing.
White powder? Second muffin is finished. To the third. Sprinkle!
Okay that’s good. Fourth muffin, finished. So comment down below
if I’m going to win. Karina, I think your downfall is
too many sprinkles.>>You can never go wrong
with sprinkles especially the rainbow kind. All right.
Now time for round number six! Okay, so for round number six. We got some more
decorations for our cake. We got some Raffaello!
I love these! We got some Milkas!
>>Milka!>>Of course to match my cake. And we got some Oreos
to match Ronald’s cake.>>All right. Rock paper scissors.
>>Who’s going to choose? Rock paper scissors shoot!>>How! How do you do it?
>>I just do it in my mind! I transfer it to yours!
And you’re like, oh you’re going to choose this.
and then I choose this! All righty, I’m going to choose.
Look away. That one.>>All right. I’m going to choose this one.>>No! No!
>>Yeah! You choose my Milka!
Cause you are jealous! But I got the Milka
and you’re like, hmm! I’m going to pay back with this!
>>No!>>And I got the point!>>We’re tied up. The next round is going
to be the victory round!>>It’s going to be
the last round!>>Okay. Out of the way! We don’t want you!
Especially the Oreo.>>Oh yes!
We want Oreos. But Milka’s better.>>Finally the admitted it.>>Not the cake though.>>All right, so I got
my little biscuits here. And I’m going to make it look
like this is a sponsor video. So I’m going to put them like– Can’t quite do it like that.
Okay I’m going to do it like that then. All right. Totally not sponsored. All right. I’m gonna make it four. Cause I need one more. Okie dokie.>>Four eyes.
I have a plan. Dananana.
Dananana. And these muffins
are looking awesome so we need them to look
even more awesome. There we go! #NotSponsored [singing]
>>You are amazing. Just the way you are. So guys now we’re ready
for the final round to break this tie!>>I’m going to break it so hard
you’re going to be in the corner! Weh weh weh! And I’m going to be like [inaudible]
with my cake because the loser cannot eat their cake. The loser cannot eat their cake.>>But the thing is
you’re going to be a loser.>>You’re going to be
in the corner. The chicken dinner! Ready for me to eat you!>>Nah! We’re ready for
round number seven! So guys round number seven! Seven.
>>Seven. We got some berries. We got some strawberries. We got blueberries and we
got some raspberries.>>I did not realize
they all have berries at the end of their name.>>All right.
Now it’s time the final chooser. It’s got to be me!
It’s got to be me! Rock paper scissors shoot! Rock paper scissors shoot!
Rock paper scissors shoot!>>Yes! Yes! Yes!
Okay.>>All right what are you going to pick.
>>That one. That one.>>Can I look?>>No.>>I need to think really hard.>>Because the loser
cannot eat their cake.>>Okay. I need to use
my magical powers, okay.>>Please. Please.
Please. Please. Just pick one!>>All right I’m picking these.>>Yes! Yes!
Oh I win! I get to eat my muffins! I told you you’d
be in the corner. Wah wah wah.>>Guys I lost but at least
I have strawberries and I think the strawberries
look the best for my cake. So guys maybe you could comment down
below #StrawberryCakeIsTheWinner!>>#Not.>>No. All right let’s put
my strawberries. All right.>>Just one in the middle? Strawberries sponsored us.>>All right!
That’s nice. I like that.>>Okay guys.
I’m the ultimate winner and these raspberries.
I love these raspberries. I’m just going to put a few
so I can save them for later. You know what?
‘Cause they gave me the win. They gave me the win. If there’s only strawberries
and blueberries, I would have chosen strawberries
and then Karina would’ve got the point and everyone would’ve been sad. Even Karina.>>What?
I’m not going to be sad at that.>>Okay so the last thing
I have to do. Is add… two of
the awesome raspberries. Or four. One on each cupcake. GRRAAAARRHHHH!
Can you open please? All righty. One raspberry. I think this is the one
I’m going to eat so boom. Next raspberry. These are special to me okay?
They gave me the win. Don’t judge me or else. And the last raspberry
is on my cupcake. So guys just look
at these cupcakes. Don’t you think
I did an amazing job? I think I did. So guys if you think I won,
comment down below #RonaldWinsTwice So guys now is the time
for me to eat my awesome cupcake. And for Karina to turn
into a chicken in the corner, and be my chicken dinner. All righty. It’s time!
It’s finally here! [laughter]>>You blew the powder everywhere!>>Amazing. So good. [laughter]>>All right guys. We hope you like this video.>>If you did, smash that
like button and we’ll see you all next time. Good bye!