It looks like Tyga’s birthday celebration
ended with a bang…literally! Kylie Jenner took her beau to the shooting
range to celebrate his 27th birthday. The couple chose their weapons, Kylie shooting
a Glock and Tyga firing a 50 caliber desert eagle, gold of course, and an M16. Kylie admitted on snapchat “I’m scared”
to her followers as the two were prepping their guns. The couple took turns firing at the target
with an instructor there to help them with the recoil. Yes, that’s right, gangster rapper Tyga
needed a shooting range staff member to support him so he didn’t fall over from the recoil…hashtag
bad boy for life. In addition to Kylie taking Tyga shooting
for his birthday, she also gave him a 60 carat diamond bracelet. Cha ching! It looks like Kylie will spare no expense
for her boo and really busted out the big guns for his celebration.