Marta: Hi and welcome to our channel. In this
video, I would like to show you Emirati and Arabic desserts and sweets that we have eaten
in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you don’t know me yet, my name is Marta
from Cooking the World and I’m Food Guide in Frankfurt. On this channel we help people
who like to cook, eat and travel to find traditional recipes and places to eat traditional food.
And before we start, I would like to let you know that I visited Emirati as a tourist,
so I’m not an expert of the Emirati cuisine, so please excuse any pronunciation mistakes
or if I say something wrong, please also correct me in the comments down below.
Desserts in Emirati are so different than those ones that we know from Europe. They
have a different consistency, look and taste. Most of them are flavored with saffron, cardamom
and rose water, and I think, that makes the taste of them so unique.
The first restaurant that we visit to try basbousa was Al Fanar. Al Fanar is Emirati
restaurant that is located in Dubai Festival Mall. There is actually no tube station near
the mall, so we did have to get there by taxi. From the way, how the restaurant looked like,
I would think that that would be the place where the locals wouldn’t go, but when we
walked inside, we actually didn’t see any tourists. The décor of the restaurant was
definitely very stylish. But coming back to food – in this restaurant,
we have eaten the famous semolina cake, which is called basbousa. Basbousa is very soft
and moist and usually served with a syrup. As you can see, in this restaurant, we actually
didn’t get a syrup, but cream on the top. So basbousa is usually of semolina and coconut
flour and spiced with cardamom powder, syrup, sugar, water, rose water and lemon juice.
For my taste, the cake was a little bit dry and not sweet at all, so I would recommend
to ask for the syrup on the side. Other than this, it did taste very nice and I think that
the taste of the cardamom wasn’t too strong. The portion of the dessert was pretty big,
so we could actually share it. Legemat is another dish that we have tried
on our trip to the Emirates. This one we have actually found on the food market that was
located in front of our terminal. But Legemat is the most famous dessert from the Emirates,
so there was no problem to find it in any Emirati restaurant. Legemat is a fried yeast
dough that is served with a date syrup and sesame seeds on the top. It is flavored with
cardamom and saffron and to me, it taste like pancake.
The next place that we visited was near the DMCC station and this area is located next
to the Palm Jumeirah. To reach the restaurant, we had to walk for about one
kilometer, but the walk, as you can see, was very beautiful, so it was worth it. Seven
Sands Restaurant was very easy to find and the origin of the name is because Emirati
consists of seven different Emirates. The restaurant is serving Emirati dishes from
all the regions. The restaurant inside was very pretty, but we have decided to sit on
the terrace, because from there we have lovely view. They also have given us an iPad where
we could see exactly how the dishes look like. To drink, I have ordered my favorite tea,
which is karak and this is a tea that is prepared with evaporated milk and cardamom. And also,
they do put sugar in there. In this restaurant, we have ordered two desserts. The first one
was called Aseeda, and this is a dish made up of cooked wheat flour, sometimes with an
addition of butter or ghee, or honey. It has a porridge consistency and it’s supposed to
be eaten without cutlery, but look at me with a spoon. Terrible.
The dish was served warm and I need to be honest with you, it wasn’t my favorite one.
Probably because of the pumpkin. But this other dessert. That was a highlight. The dessert
was called Um Ali or Om Ali. I think in the Arabic countries they all not sure how to
write it, but anyway, Um Ali, it’s kind of a bread pudding that is blended with pistachios, coconut flakes, raisins and of course, plenty of sugar. On the top, there comes milk
and then the whole thing is baked in the oven. This dessert was served warm and it was seriously
one of the highlights of this trip. I was very happy that Matthias didn’t like it because
I could finish it all. After the meal in this restaurant, we did
have a walk in this area and that was seriously very beautiful. You are there in the evening,
you can actually see the Arabic people to enjoy themselves in the park, shisha bars
or restaurants. It was seriously such a lovely place to be. The next day we had to leave
Dubai for Abu Dhabi, where we have discovered another tasty stuff.
On the way there, I have decided to show you three different cookies I got in the LuLu
Supermarket. The first cookie that I’ve tried was called Mamool and that was a filled pastry
with dates, pistachios and figs. Cookie is made of flour or sometimes fine semolina,
ghee or butter, sugar, yeast and of course, rose water. For the supermarket quality, those
were actually very good. The next cookie is the very famous and it’s
called baklawa. So this is a sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo dough, that
is filled with chopped nuts and sweetened. Usually they prepare it in large pans where
they put the filo dough and melted butter with a layer of chopped nuts. The cookie I
have eaten had a pistachios, but there are also variations with the walnuts and hazelnuts.
The last cookie that grabbed my attention in the supermarket was called Mabrooma. This
is a cookie that is very similar to Kunafa ’cause it’s made from the same kind of a pastry
and the whole thing is filled with pistachios. And obviously, there is also a lot of syrup
inside. I need to tell you honestly that none of the cookies was a highlight for me. I think
I will look for a great bakery here in Frankfurt that bake those freshly and try them again.
The next stop for us on this journey was Abu Dhabi and I don’t need to tell you how beautiful
this city is. It’s less international than Dubai and much smaller. We really liked it
a lot. In Abu Dhabi, we went to the restaurant called Hanon Feras Sweets and Restaurant that
was located next to the oldest stone building in the city of Abu Dhabi and please don’t
make me pronounce the name of this. Anyway, just right next to the restaurant, you could
see the mosque. When you walk into the restaurant, you can
see the counter, where you can see all different kind of Arabic sweet. But we came there to
try the bestseller, so Kunafa. Kunafa is a traditional Arab dessert made with thin, noodle-like
pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup that was layered with cheese and usually there
are also some nuts on the top. The whole thing is also served warmed. This Kunafa was definitely
number one dessert that we have tried in Emirati. This restaurant had two types of Kunafa. One
with Namma cheese and one with Kheshna cheese. From what I understood, the one cheese is
softer and the other harder. You could order there one of each or you could
have a mix. For me, the dessert was pretty sweet, but it wasn’t extreme, so they always
serve the syrup on the side. On the plate, you can see that we got also two other pastries,
and that was a gift from the waitress and one of those was definitely my second favorite
dessert in Emirati. And it was called Warbat. This dough was so soft and it was filled with
a sweet cheese. It was soft, it was just perfect. This meal was definitely a highlight. I am
pretty sure that in Dubai there are also similar restaurants where you can find this kind of
pastry. And if you love this Kunafa so much, you can
even get the frozen one. Anyway, that will be it for this video. I hope you did enjoy
this travel video from us. Next week, we gonna cover the traditional dishes of Bahrain, but
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