– Hi guys, we’re here at Coney Island. We’re here to eat our way
through the most iconic foods in the park. Starting at Nathan’s, obviously. We’re gonna have some hot dogs. We’re gonna go on some rides. A bee (laughing). (bee) yeah. It’s a horse fly, it’s a
horse fly, it’s not a bee. Okay, anyway, we’re
gonna start eating now. It’s time to eat. (upbeat music) I’m very excited though
it’s just now hitting me that we haven’t had a hot dog on camera since the, since the angry
dog incident of 2018. Do you remember that? (intense music) It’s (beep) rough. Anyway, I’m excited. It’s a perfect hot dog. We’ve got mustard and relish on there. This relish is like a little salty. I love that. Oh man, it’s a perfect bite. Perfect mustard ratio. Perfect slightly stale bun. Love a little hot dog in the morning. (upbeat music) It doesn’t feel fair to
judge a place on its hot dogs and not judge it on its
burgers, so burger time. Hi, can I get the western bacon, barbecue and bacon burger please? I don’t have money. (laughing) This looks like a two hand situation, but I don’t have that luxury right now. So we’re gettin’ right in. If I could eat one thing
over and over again for the rest of my life,
it would be a cheeseburger. I respect the layers going on here. You’ve got bacon, you’ve got tomatoes, you’ve got some kind of lettuce slaw. Maybe ketchup, maybe some
kind of barbecue sauce. I don’t know. That’s good stuff. It’s vanilla chocolate swirl. And it’s got some brain like
cotton candy going on up here. But you know we like it. It is, for the record,
90 degrees today, 95. Firstly, paper straw, we stand an eco-friendly amusement park. You have to suck real hard
to get that into your mouth. What do you want me to say? I don’t like that. Okay. Hi, can I get cheeseburger nachos please? – [Cashier] It’s nine dollars. – Okay great, thank you. I don’t have any money. I got recognized by a
horde of teens in the park. As I was just trying to
get my cheeseburger nachos. Anyway, we’re gonna
take a picture together. – [Woman] Get closer, smile. (upbeat music) – Thank you, have fun today, bye! I’m an icon. (upbeat music) We’ve got some sort of
cheese sauce situation. Some ground beef in these
gorgeous little snow ball chunks, look at those. Listen man, this is all I ate
my freshman year of college. I mean I did it myself, I might regret it but, it’s fantastic. (upbeat music) You know what’s cute about this is like, I could stick my face in it. Pretend like I had sun screen all over, and it would just be
ranch on my face all day. So we have what looks like a waffle fry. Some sort of shredded chicken, bacon, and of course, all this
pooling, water-falling ranch. You know I didn’t know
what to expect today. But that bite I feel
like is about to sum up, what we’re gonna do here
the rest of the day. It is rich and it is hot and it is salty, and it is delicious. Chicken bacon, what are these? Chicken nacho bacon, chicken
bacon nacho ranch fries. They said there’s a game over
there called Stinky Feet, but it has eggplants and toilets. And also exclusively four
year olds are playing. Do you understand it? New York is wild, man. (upbeat music) We are burning, that’s what we are. We have a funnel cake, that is the size of many people’s faces. That’s delicious. It’s got that like vague
fried spaghetti feel that you get in a good funnel cake. Not much to complain about here. (bleep) crisp. (upbeat music) They came out of there about 45 seconds ago so they are hot. Oh my God I feel sweat, dripping down my face. So cute right now. It’s an amateur move to exhale when you take a bite of something with confectioner’s sugar on it, but I did it anyway and
now it’s all over my body. This is delicious as you would
imagine a deep fried Oreo is. Might eat them all. Might share with you. Do you want one? (upbeat music) – [Camerawoman] How are you feeling? – How am I feeling? How do you think I’m feeling. We escaped the death heat
of the actual park itself. I’m out of breath. We find ourselves here on the boardwalk. In front of Coney Cones. Get some more gelato to follow up that gelato milkshake from earlier. Won’t feel nice. (upbeat music) Oh my God. It tastes like, what am I trying to say? Not like grenadine, but this like, amaretto I guess is
what I’m trying to say. It’s a little bit sour, which you know I love in ice cream. TBT to when I compared
clotted cream to sour cream and you all freaked out. I’m just gonna keep eating
this until you tell me to stop. (upbeat music) Milano cookie flavor. Which I picked out immediately when I saw it on the menu. Because our dear readers love Milanos. I haven’t had a Milano
since probably 1998. I assume they taste the same. (upbeat music) What’s the equivalent
of ice cream, but icy? Like a strawberry ice, I guess, right? Perfect summer treat. What would you do if I
just stuffed my face in it? Would you laugh? I keep making eye contact with people, when I say things like, “What would you do “if I stuck my face in this ice cream?”. They don’t think I’m funny. – [Camerawoman] That’s a stupid idea. – That’s a stupid idea. – [Camerawoman] What is that sand dune? – I don’t want to know. There could be bodies under there. (upbeat music) This is the last non-alcoholic
thing I’m gonna drink today, by the way. Cherry. Lemon. More lemon. Probably blue raspberry. It’s cold, that’s all I care about. Maybe I should spike it. No, we’re about to drink, it’ll be fine. Just ate a lot of (beep) ice cream. I’m bloated you guys. (upbeat music) I mean I complained
about not having alcohol, so no I have it. So I should be happy right? Anyway it’s fish bowl time. So this is a rum based fish bowl. Probably some Bacardi. Super coconut flavor. To the face. I wonder what makes it blue. (Jeopardy theme song) We’re gonna sure go back
to this in a minute. We’re working on the bulldog now. Which is a frozen marg situation, with this Corona up top. I am told you pull out the Corona. I guess that makes sense gravity wise. Okay. (laughing) You know what, you deserve it. I’ll allow it. That is fruity and cold. Am I gonna get really
drunk if I finish this? Should we find out? – [Camerawoman] Yes. – There’s more, we have more alcohol. (upbeat music) We have another drink. It’s called a Bahama mama. I think it’s another
frozen marg type situation. Or just regular marg,
cause this is not frozen. It’s very coconut forward. I can’t tell if it’s rum or tequila, but it’s very strong. It’s very strong. And I like it. Okay it’s time to eat. (upbeat music) Look at this vat of nachos we have here. It’s all filled out. Every excellent. Smells like weed, tastes like nachos. – [Camerawoman] No, I think
someone is smoking weed. – Yes, correct. You’ve got sour cream, you’ve got onion, you’ve got a salsa of sorts. You’ve got beans that I can see. There is definitely cheese sauce. Chicken, there’s protein in here. What a day. (upbeat music) Worst Jew, arrow tip. I don’t like lobster. When has it ever stopped me. It’s just so chunky. I don’t want so much lettuce. Okay I want bread, that’s what I want. A moment please. (upbeat music) These shrimp are like mondo. Love me some cocktail sauce. I didn’t even do this. That’s a bite. (upbeat music) I have to say I’m into these rolls. These like middle cut,
I guess they’re like New England kind of hot dog rolls. Oh my God, I hate crab so much. I love bread though. (upbeat music) I taste less marinara,
more straight tomato sauce. It’s really sweet. This is really crispy. Savory seafood cheerios. This one calm. (upbeat music) Let me tell you, you’re getting
your money’s worth here. That’s a lot of lobster in
not a gigantic sandwich. Tastes like white bread, American cheese. And lobster, I hate lobster. We crushed all the drinks,
we ate all the seafood. I’m ready to take it back to some, something I’m more familiar with. Digestive wise. That’s not a word. Gastro, gastro wise? – [Camerawoman] Are you losing it? – Obviously I’m losing it. (upbeat music) The home stretch guys. A margarita pizza from
this brand new pizza place. It’s got all the things the best margarita pizza should have. Oh it’s so hot. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, seasoning, and a butt load of basil. It’s a good name for a
novel, butt load of basil. A band, not a novel. Watch out for my new
band, butt load of basil. Coming to you soon. Will you be in my band? (laughing) (upbeat music) I’m literally falling over. It’s got ham, it’s got crispy little peps. Love me a crispy little pep. Artichoke maybe, mushrooms. This is salty and delicious. And it has the perfect amount of meat. Perfect amount of vegetables. It’s gotta bunch of cheese. I haven’t been on any rides today. It does feel like this would be the opportune time to do so now, with some pizza and booze in me. As long as I don’t have to do that. I don’t care, you couldn’t pay me enough. (upbeat music) Just any of them? I scared all the kids off the ride. Do I have to spin. Oh God. You know what, (beep) it. I can do this. Oh (beep). No, no, no, no, no! I don’t like it anymore. I’m going to have to poop again. I’m serious. Did it stop? It did stop. Again, it’s not your best idea. We made it. We did it. I’m getting to old for these. (upbeat music)