One kilo. How much? Ok, I think I understood. First test, passed This is what a day in Vietnam is really like Hi, good morning everyone! I hope you’re all very well! I’m in the city where we’re going to be living for the next 2 years Right now I’m in the Airbnb that we’ve rented for one month while we look for somewhere to live It’s Monday. Dave’s had to go to work. I’ve got two missions for today I’ve got to go to the dentist and then to the market and speak their language because they don’t speak English So let’s go To start off with you always need to take your shoes off We can’t go into any houses with our shoes on And it’s very strange because where we’re living now, we have to go through a clothes shop You’ll see what I mean Well this is the street where we’re staying. It’s right in the centre. Next to the apartment, there’s a market It’s very convenient because I can go shopping for all of the things that I need easily As you can see here behind me, the motorbikes are going past It’s a little bit dangerous I’m sweating like a pig and I haven’t even done any exercise You can see the beads of sweat We’re at 32° So it’s very hot But it’s normal. Yesterday it was 36° Women here, oddly enough, are completely covered up when they’re on their bikes because they don’t want to burn I think it’s because they don’t want to be dark-skinned I think it must be that because they sell these full suits and it’s completely understandable because if you’re on a bike all the time, you’re exposed to the sun. I’m off to the market and they don’t speak English here Let’s see how we get on I’m just going to order chicken, eggs and probably some vegetables I’m a bit nervous I came here a few days ago with a girl who showed me where to buy things I have a Youtube channel It’s supposed to be cheap. Let’s see. I think they can understand me One kilo. How much? Ok, I think I understood her. Passed the first test! I’ve been here for a week and I think that I could order the chicken quite well. There were mistakes but I could understand more or less. Now the next step is eggs and some vegetables. Dave came here yesterday and to be honest, Dave can speak the language better He’s learned very quickly But I wanted to do it for myself today Ok, I think I could more or less do this. More or less… Let’s see how I get on with the next thing The best thing about here is that they sell the octopus and fish still alive meaning that you’re fish is super fresh when you eat it. Now I just need eggs and I think that’s it I’m amazed by the prices here in the market In total it was…let’s see…65,000₫ for the chicken… 125,000₫ which means that it cost about MXN$100 and I bought a little bit more than a kilo of chicken breast vegetables and eggs We can easily eat for 2 days I mean if we ate the same thing for lunch and dinner both days, Dave and I Just over US$5 for two days, two people, no problem What do you think? Is that a good price? Is it really cheaper than Mexico or am I exaggerating? Guy’s, I’m in the apartment that we’re renting now This is the whole thing We rented it for one month, as I’ve already mentioned It cost us about US$500 to stay here for a month for the two of us Obviously this includes all of the bills, as in any Airbnb It’s worth mentioning that we can’t wear our shoes when coming into the apartment Just out here, we have to leave all of our shoes before coming into the apartment Here’s out mini kitchen A sink, just one hob to cook on a mini fridge It’s good because, even though we’re here for a month we bought some things, we didn’t buy much. and sometimes we go out to get food on the street because eating on the street here is really cheap So there’s not much difference if I but thinks at the supermarket or if you eat something on the street And this is the bathroom. I thought that it was in the apartment but in fact it’s not It’s right next to the apartment. Here’s the apartment and right away, here’s the bathroom It’s very simple really. Here we’ve got the shower. toilet and sink very simple To be honest, when I got here I was a little bit disappointed but I think I’m used to it now. It’s ok. We’ve still got our suitcases packed. We’re not going to unpack here because there aren’t even wardrobes We’ve only got this here and we’re moving out soon anyway in 2 weeks so it’s not really worth it What do you think about this AirBnb? It’s good. It’s very central if you want to go out and see the city. I think I’ll give it an 8 So I’ll see you in a few hours I’ve decided to leave the chicken that I bought. I’ll eat it later on this evening. Just for the video and to show you the most typical food here in Vietnam I’m looking for phở Just for the video, I’ll eat it. And also I really want some I’m by the apartment looking for somewhere But I just wanted to mention to you that there is something that scares me a bit actually, it scares me a lot and that is crossing the street When the traffic lights are red and you’d think that pedestrians can cross the motorbikes don’t respect that. You just have to cross You go to cross and the bikes pass around you that still scares me a bit I’ve found somewhere which sells the traditional food of Vietnam which is phở It’s noodle soup which can have chicken or beef or sometimes even fish On this occasion I’ve ordered chicken because I felt like chicken and the interesting thing is that the noodles are always flat Never round noodles and they have to be made from rice flour. If they’re not rice noodles, it’s not phở This is the typical food here in Vietnam It’s the first thing that you’ll see everywhere if you come here. Let’s try it! Guys, this video is to show you what I’m doing on my first day on my own living here in Hanoi It’s not a tourist video That’s why I haven’t been showing you any of the attractions around here Which seem to be many by the way But I’ll have a lot of time for that I’ll be able to tell you about all of the things that surprise me which are many We’ll also have lots of time to talk about the food I want to do a video about that. I’m very excited about it. Now I’m in a park which is really famous here in Hanoi I can start to see around here that there are more tourists Where we’re staying, there’s almost nothing Because it’s just a normal street Where Vietnamese people live and run their businesses If you like our content and you’d like to see more, and of higher quality I’d like to invite you to take a look at Patreon Through Patreon, you can make small donations in exchange for different rewards such as exclusive content videos which we wouldn’t normally show on YouTube If you are interested in knowing the REAL reason why we’re in Vietnam and why we couldn’t go to China we’re going to tell you everything there You’ll have access to blogs and photos We know that some people are interested in seeing this and in this way, we would be able to continue making content of higher quality Don’t think about it too much. Just go to Patreon and subscribe.