Hi meet again with me shinta, today I will playing with play doh double dessert So, these toys are oven, 2plates and 4 play doh.they are yellow,pink, blue and green Ok, now lets open Here’s the manual book 4 cans play doh This is cake mold, so cute Here is the small plate This is extruder for make cream This is ice cream spoon for make topping Close the oven. Now we tide it Ok now I want make cupcake We put the cake mold on the oven This is play doh, we presses on the cake mold press strongly We add more again Ok now we close the oven and press strongly Here the cake play doh We remove from cake mold and take on the plate Now we give pink cream Then we make topping from strawberry Here’s the result, its beautiful What I want to add more? Oh, give the chocolate I want add once again, carrot Ok this is my first cake next I make the second I prepare the cake mold This time I use yellow play doh We put in oven then press strongly. Ok its ready We remove slowly from cake mold use knife so it can not broken Heres the cake now I give green topping I make heart topping Guys, which one cake do you like? I like cake like this Oh, I want add cream in this side Here’s the second cake Ok now we make the third cake I use blue colour Ok now the batter of play doh put into oven Its ready the cake. We remove from cake mold slowly We take the cake here Now for the topping I give the cream I will add little star on the cake Its ready! Ok guys it’s the result The first are strawberry, little chocolate, carrot and candy on the cakes The second are chips chocoloate chips, mint ice cream and cream inside and blue heart And the third, toppings like bolu cake, wafer and little star and cream They are topping on my cakes Ok see you, if you want to order here, bread shop little princess shinta