The Uncover Colombia food and cooking tour starts in Bogota Colombia’s second-largest traditional market Make sure you come to this tour on an empty stomach because you’ll be stuffing your face with a variety of Colombian foods such as yuca bread with avena — which is a mix of oatmeal, sugar and milk. You’ll also get a scarf down pork, juices and sweet Colombian fruits you probably didn’t even know existed. We’ll buy the fresh ingredients to make our traditional Colombian meal at one of Bogota’s best cooking schools. Not only will you how to prepare a complete meal from a pro, you’ll also learn about the origin and history of the foods as well. Right now we’re in the kitchen and we’re making Colombian ceviche and a lot of people think that ceviche is only something that can be found in Peru, but it’s also very popular here, especially on the coast of Colombia — the Caribbean coast. Once everything’s been cut seasoned and cooked, take a load off and enjoy what you’ve created. So we have this wonderful meal that we made and we bought all the ingredients from a traditional Colombian market this morning, And now it’s time to eat. But we’re not done just yet, after lunch is over we’ll head over to Bogota’s dessert district so save room for something sweet like strawberries and cream or treat really popular in Colombia called Milhojas. The Uncover Colombia Food and Cooking Tour lasts about 5 hours and our knowledgeable guides will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel. Visit to sign up for this hands-on tour and get ready to wow everyone at home with your new-found culinary skills you learned in Colombia.