and in this episode I heat up some cream I whisk some egg yolks I fire up a torch and I make some magical unicorn creme brulee welcome back to moore approved I’m James and today we’re going to be making a unicorn inspired creme brulee so we’re going to take a basic vanilla creme brulee and then we’re going to use some colored sugars to caramelize on the top to give it that rainbow feel all you’re going to need for this recipe is eight ounces of heavy cream four large egg yolks two ounces of white sugar and a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract while our heavy cream is heating up we’re going to go ahead and add half of the sugar into the cream and we’re going to take the other half of the sugar and put this into the egg yolks so just go ahead and whisk in your sugar until everything’s nice and smooth and basically we’re just heating this up so we’ll go ahead and add in our vanilla extract after you get a couple little bubbles around the edges go ahead and turn it off give it a nice stir now we’re going to take and temper that into our egg mixture we’re going to slowly temper this cream in to the egg until it is well incorporated to prepare for baking go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees while that’s doing so get yourself a baking dish or a pyrex dish so basically we’re going to go ahead and fill up these ramekins about halfway to maybe three quarters and now we’re going to take some hot water and just fill up this baking dish until it is halfway up the sides of these ramekins now this is going to help protect the creme brulee as its cooking it’s going to make it cook more evenly alright we’re going to go ahead and throw these in the oven at 325 degrees our creme brulee is out of the oven took about 45 minutes you don’t want these to be hard set so I went ahead and made a little slit in this one for you to see you’re still going to have a little bit of residue on the knife so we’re going to go ahead and pull these on out of here be careful not to get any water and the other ramekins and this is hot and fresh right out of the oven so it is 325 degrees I do have kitchen hands though so you may need a towel or something else be very careful taking this over to the sink and pouring it out because any splashes on you would hurt very very badly so take caution on that so I’m going to go ahead and set these in the fridge for about an hour and a half to two hours we’re going to pull them out and then I’m going to use my rainbow colored sugar to make this unicorn creme brulee our custard was in the refrigerator for about an hour and a half and is all cooled down now we get started with a brulee portion of this process all you’re going to need is a stencil something along those lines so you can make more definitive edges with your sanding sugar I got a couple of different colors I got red I got pink and I got yellow so we’re just going to go ahead and put down a very generous amount of each and you want to make sure this goes all the way out to the edges and in between every color you just want to sort of shake off that excess so let’s go ahead and do our last color which is pink we’ll set these on the way and grab our torch and this is the torch I specifically use for my kitchen you can also do this in the broiler but these are actually fairly cheap and if you take a couple of precautions they can be very safe just remember never to put your hand in front of the edge of the flame even if it passes over your hand for a second it can cause a lot of damage so let’s go ahead and start toasting this up you’re going to want to adjust your heat a little bit and just make quick motions back and forth and then just try to get all the way around and careful the ramekin is hot so use caution before you grab a hold of it anywhere to turn it and voila one unicorn creme brulee and that wraps up this episode of moore approved on James thanks again so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the unicorn creme brulee demonstration and make sure you take a look at the description box for a full ingredient list and anything else that you might need to accomplish this dish thanks again till next time see you then