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24-ounce milkshakes, all formed by hand and made with love! While we make more milkshakes than ANYONE
in the Hudson Valley region of New York State, including—GASP!—national franchises (and
we know that because we ALL share the same milkshake cup vendor, and they happily spilled
the beans) I’ve gotta say…. You just haven’t LIVED until you’ve had
one of our Freak Shakes! Especially the one that started it all…the
Unicorn Freak Shake. And do you know why so many people flock to
Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill for something like our freak shakes, made with either soft
serve or any one of the 37 flavors of hard ice cream that we carry? We’ve been featured in places like ABC,
NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. We know what we’re doing when it comes to
ice cream, period! And that includes milkshakes. And freak shakes! So let’s review what we do at Joe’s Dairy
Bar and Grill to make the Unicorn Freak Shake worth freaking out for! STEP 1: Fresh Foundation I said we’re a multiple-award-winning ice
cream stand…so that’s where the fresh foundation starts. Meaning, we’ve got soft serve that has the
highest butterfat content around, which makes a HUGE difference. I promise you’re not tasting something that’s
like water…with a hint of vanilla or chocolate in it. But if you want hard ice cream instead of
soft serve, we can do that, too. We have 37 flavors of hard ice cream…I’m
sure we’ve got something your palate would prize. Many people order the Unicorn Freak Shake
with vanilla ice cream. Some do chocolate. But of course, there’s plenty more options
to choose from—there’s only 35 flavors left to go in hard ice cream alone. The cup is rimmed in buttercream and bedecked
with our magic confetti sprinkles. STEP 2: Assembly Required So I said that all of our milkshakes are hand-formed
or made by hand, and that includes our freak shakes. The staff will use the ice cream you select,
be it soft serve or hard ice cream, and of course the flavor you choose, and they’ll
mix up some milkshake magic. In addition to the ice cream itself, this
particular freak shake also gets a liberal dose of blue and pink marshmallow sauce on
the inside, not just to make the cup look pretty but to start taking that milkshake
to the next level. This is a lot of work, folks. These shakes are labor-intensive. But wait! There’s more! STEP 3: Luscious Layering With the Unicorn Freak Shake we add a thick
cloud of whipped cream on top, with some glittery blue and pink luster dust, and then comes
the crowning glory. The baked confetti cupcake, speared by a wrapped
and sealed unicorn horn lollipop, with a marshmallow luster dust decorated unicorn ear, made by
hand and placed carefully on the side! We don’t skimp! And no joke, we’ve had people travel to
Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill from places that are two hours’ radius away and even from
several other states…all just to come to Freak Shake Heaven. There are so many other versions of the freak
shake that we do. Some are limited to the season, some are for
holidays only and some are part of a ten piece product collection that is limited time overall. There’s folks who have to make sure they’ve
had every last one. But the Unicorn Freak Shake is just so popular,
with boys AND girls AND kids of all ages, to the point that it’s got a permanent place
on our menu. You can even take it to go. It works! Plus, if you love our Freak Shakes you’ll
certainly love our Freak Shake-inspired Freak Cakes. We do everything from top a cake with an actual
freak shake in the glass to using the freak shake as inspiration for a cake topping. Wow! People love the freak shakes so much, we actually
were blown away by it. We’ve had freak shake building contests,
prizes and more. The more we involve the community, the more
they love them. Now you know the steps we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill have to take when creating the Instagram superstar, the Unicorn Freak
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