MATT WRIGHT: Brooke just
caught a rattlesnake. BROOKE: Thought I’d do a
little snake wrangling to get prepared for 21 days in Africa. Naked. Not afraid. And– Maybe a little afraid. My husband, Matt Wright,
has been on “Naked and Afraid” twice. [YELLING] [CHEWING] I’m tired of looking at
his satchel and, frankly, smelling it. I would love the opportunity to
get out there and have my own. Yee-haw. Woo. My name’s Dylan McWilliams. I’m from Grand
Junction, Colorado. I’m 20 years old. Most people know me as the
guy who was bit by a bear, a shark, and a rattlesnake. REPORTER: He woke up with
his head in a bear’s mouth. A bear had a hold of my
head and was dragging me. The bear let off because I
was punching him in the face and poking his eyes. I don’t think he
liked that too much. REPORTER: A surf
vacation for Dylan McWilliams suddenly turned
into a life-or-death struggle. Something hit my
leg pretty hard, and I saw a shark underneath me. REPORTER: McWilliams
says a six-foot tiger shark bit his leg. DYLAN MCWILLIAMS: The shark
kind of just grabbed like that. REPORTER: Three years
ago, Dylan McWilliams was also bitten by a rattlesnake. The odds of that
happening to one person is 893 quadrillion to one. Surviving in Africa
where there’s lions and crocodiles and leopards– what am I thinking? Why am I doing this? It’s mind-blowing. I’m coming, Africa.