– Human trafficking industry is a $150 billion dollar
industry worldwide. More than one million women
and children are being commercially, sexually
exploited every single year, and roads like I-35 and
I-80 are a huge reason for the increase in Iowa
because of the ability to transport their victims from wherever, whenever, with ease. – Student Hope in Action,
we sold these t-shirts, and we ended up selling around 30 of them. This year, the entire project just blew up because we have a lot more people selling. We ended up selling around 120 shirts and we’re going to be giving
$600 to Dorothy’s House, which is super amazing. Dorothy’s House is an organization that helps get women
out of human trafficking and helps them to get back
into their normal lives and back into being safe. – The reason why it’s so important to me is because I’ve known multiple girls who have been trafficked, and I think it is a lot
bigger an issue in Iowa than we make it out to seem, and I really wish there would
just be a lot more awareness and just safety measures for everyone. – So, last year I joined
this club because I felt like it helped out a lot of people and I definitely wanted to be
a part of something like that. And I think that it really helps out that Urbandale has a entire community, and it’s just a really good place to be.