[Music] [Music] hello guys today we came to quick small and we were invited to the place call the place the Italian rest you’re just dying to make that joke I can tell yes they invited us to try out as a couple is new in LA nice it’s very hungry we’re a couple who loves to eat so this is perfect yes I’ve been to Rome do you remember it not really you’re really young right I would tell you this the place the place their concept is Milano let me live here yeah said that it’s coming that we’re testing out and we could have gotten wine but since q1 I have like the kid taste way to cookies ya like lemonade and grapefruit supposedly they release this for Valentine’s Day and white day we don’t have white day in Canada and Korea Valentine’s Day if you’re a girl you give guys chocolates and then a white day isn’t like guys give girls candy but I don’t like candy so and white day you spend at home because I have you’re a white person it says if you order Milani set then they give you this coupon that you just scratch it scratch ticket yeah it’s best to go by cutting and you can win these prizes yeah so what this point we’re just waiting for that heart pizza I’ve always wanted to eat a heartbeat back [Music] Allah will judge me for getting pizza with a fork at night I’m actually sugar picky with that pizza usually that’s kyuho’s for time how I really love like this in a time keeps a but the cheese makes or breaks or do you hardest fun red onions in Korea it’s like us we’re eating this this is an Italian restaurant right claps one of our favorite moments to watch is that inglorious basterds like we try to select Italian words like we’re looking at this map we are thinking apart where will they go to that viewing party of that movie they assume that Hans Landa can’t speak any Italian so they try to take it but like he speaks fluent Italian and they’re sucks and Brad Pitt’s character it’s like crap see I love them oh my god it’s so funny it’s Nutella Jeremy sue is it really yes it’s like Nutella really nice chocolate mocha see the mocha mmm what did you think very good all right can’t resist just congratulations to free coffee made a mess sorry yeah so when we come back here we get two free coffees came here in summertime two years ago really oh it’s beautiful I made out of books art I always thought that this place looked like the beasts library and Beauty and the Beast right it kind of does [Music] hello guys we came to young j8e center and today they’re having sole desserts fair and we invited to our special guests yes my mom for those of you who don’t know my mom is a professor and she majored nutrition and also she runs her own bakery Academy so definitely [Music] yeah perfect all right so many people [Music] whatever second row my god I it does say sexual with Kuwaitis very very subtle ones vanderhill [Music] okay so from tomorrow they do the second floor as well but today they only do first floor so we’re gonna go to the coffee shop now we want to be away from crowd it was fun we did buy something [Music] my mom’s account Instagram and Curly don’t do that you have your own pile hey always have to do this always sense it was a kid man come here i won oh wait [Music] [Music] hi river cruise and like the seagulls over there crazy [Music] scary this would be if they were like Nova Scotia Sox Eagles like lift people up here perfect and return it back we came here two years ago right yep was it September it was September it was a perfect time [Music] a week man [Music] look it’s yeah look at spring no we’re just lying there plastic I wish these were real it’s snowed a little bit yesterday and like Q and I were kind of talking about remember we asked you guys and like the previous video I believe what are some things you’d like to see us some in the winter because it’s kind of limited you know the outdoor activities here a lot of people wrote oh why don’t you take advantage of winter and a film like this snowy landscapes of Seoul but it just wasn’t really snow in Seoul we kind of forgot to mention that like if it snows it like melts immediately yeah it’s the grad I think it snowed like maybe three times four times this year but some survival shady patches but there’s not like a white landscape like you’re thinking of unfortunately if there was we’d be out everywhere these almost feel like they could be real I’m just waiting until April spring though our summer she’s over there what are they doing taking forwards I’m just just chatting do you know what I’ve always wanted to do we have some Magpies in our area and I’m thinking about like putting a few peanuts on our roof for them because I heard that you can make friends with crows and Magpies and if they get used to it they’ll start to bring you presents they’re so smart does anybody you successfully made friends with a crow or magpie not you pigeon [Music]