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of the week next week. You guys loved the cheese
fondue recipe so much, I thought it would be
just really appropriate to do a chocolate fondue just
in time for Valentine’s Day. Because like who doesn’t
love liquid chocolate and love dipping things into it. Or like dipping it on yourself? I mean chocolate’s great. No matter what you eat it off of. This chocolate fondue is so easy, it’s literally only two ingredients plus anything you wanna dip into it. So we’re are going to make this with chocolate chips and coconut milk. Step one, add two cups of
chocolate chips to a glass bowl and then toss this bowl into the microwave to melt the chocolate chips. When you’re selecting
your chocolate chips, you want to get like dark or
semi-sweet chocolate chips. We’re going to turn it into milk chocolate with the coconut milk. I’m gonna cook this in the
microwave for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the chocolate
isn’t completely melted and that’s what you want. You can’t put the
chocolate in the microwave for like five minutes to melt it because then it just burns. After you’ve heated it in
the microwave for 30 seconds, we’re going to add our coconut milk. This is a very special
technique for this coconut milk, you want the canned coconut milk. And you wanna put it in the
fridge overnight, upside down. What this is gonna do is it’s going to harden all the fat
which is the good stuff. And separate it from the liquid which you wanna pour in the sink. So you’re just gonna open
up this can of coconut milk. All the liquid is at the top. After you’ve poured out the liquid, you’re going to have this
nice, thick like hardened fat. Which is what you want. This is like the equivalent
to really, really heavy cream. Just without the dairy. ‘Cause dairy’s gross. We’re gonna add that
to the chocolate chips. Cool. And we’re doing, just kidding,
that looks ridiculous. Now I’m gonna put this
back into the microwave and cook it in 30 second intervals until it is melted. So it took me about two
minutes in 30 second intervals to melt the chocolate. And it should turn into
this like really velvety, beautiful chocolate. The smell in here is so good. If your Valentine’s day date like walked into your condo or
apartment or house or shack, whatever you live in
and they smelled this. Like guaranteed second date. Alright, now we’re gonna transfer this into the fondue holder, maker, the fondue pot. It’s that time again. Time to not light myself on fire. Wish me luck. That’s way to close to my eyebrows. Alright, let’s light this thing. So scary. I don’t do well with fire. Add your chocolate to
the fondue bowl thing. If you don’t have the
chocolate fondue set, that’s fine you can use a tea light and some bowls and things. I’m sure somewhere on line
there’s like a tutorial on how you can do it homemade. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s play a game
called what tastes good dipped in chocolate. Let’s begin. Pineapple. Does it taste good dipped in chocolate. Mmm. Uh huh. Strawberry, does it taste
good dipped in chocolate. Mmm. Standard. Random ice cream cone. Mmm. Now I have to redo my makeup. Oh no and it’s in my hair. Celery tastes good with
like peanut butter on it so it probably tastes good
with chocolate on it right? (gaging) It’s like soggy and salty and- Veggie wiener. Actually, no, there it is. So what have learned today? Don’t dip wieners in chocolate. Thanks so much for watching. If you like this recipe,
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letting me dip weird things into chocolate full time. Okay, see you next week. Bye, Happy Valentine’s Day. Love for everyone. (upbeat music)