Herrine Ro: What’s better
than a fresh, hot doughnut? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. That’s why, on my trip to Vancouver, I had to stop in the city’s
most legendary doughnut shop. I get the doughnut, like,
fresh out of the fryer. Just, doughnuts
just make everybody happy. Customer: It’s really good. Carol: So, our 40th year of operations. It was started by Mr. and Mrs. Lee. We’ve been in, one of the
three or four original vendors left in the Granville Island Public Market and just been sticking to the same thing that we always did was
homemade, handmade, you know, doughnuts from scratch
and just keeping it fresh and original recipe from 40 years ago. It’s just your good
old-fashioned doughnuts. Herrine: The doughnuts are even a favorite for local celebrities, like Seth Rogen. They keep a box reserved
for him every day. He’s known to pop in unannounced. Maybe even with a friend. [whispering] That friend is David Chang. I’ve never had doughnut holes fresh out of the fryer and glazed. Cheers.
Alvin George: Cheers. Herrine: Oh, man. Customer: The doughnuts
speak for themselves, but we just appreciate the
community behind the market and the community behind
this business here. It’s a family-run business. And then the honey-dip
doughnut speaks for itself. So amazing, the doughnut
just melts in your mouth. Herrine: Head baker Alvin
George has worked at Lee’s for over 35 years, and he was even childhood
friends with manager Carol. Alvin: I used to eat,
like, four doughnuts a day. Herrine: [laughing] And then
you kinda had to tone it down. Yeah, I feel like if I were working here, half of these would be gone by now. The famous honey-dip
doughnuts are fried fresh, and Alvin quality-tests them daily. I wanted to see if I had what it takes, but I learned it’s best
to leave doughnut-making to the professionals. Oh, it doesn’t get any better than that. I feel so fortunate right
now to try this doughnut, like, so fresh, it’s… it’s, like, steaming still. It’s so fluffy, do you
see those air pockets? Like, I feel like I’m
just biting into air. OK, I need to stop, ’cause I
know that I’m gonna probably have to eat a few more. Then it was time for
the big mama doughnut. She’s fried, she’s glazed,
and she’s filled with jelly, much like me after this shoot. It is so crunchy! I know Seth Rogen likes his doughnuts filled with this jelly, but has he ever tried
this behemoth of a thing? Because I think this will
be his next favorite. Best doughnuts in Canada. Carol: I’ve had kids come in here from when they were really little, and now they’re parents themselves, and they bring their kids in, and it’s really neat to see. You know, we get all ages in
here enjoying the doughnuts. Herrine: Don’t look at me. I know I said I was gonna stop. Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me.