Hello! Do you know why you are here today? No. Do you have a true love? True love? My true love starts with a ‘P’. And his name is ‘Pizza’. Yes, food is my true love. I don’t have like a human true love yet. Okay, so for this Valentine’s Day, We are bringing you a true love. Like he’s going to walk in now? Yes, Close your eyes, it’s going to be a surprise. Okay. Okay, open your eyes. What the hell? Julian? What? How can he be my true love? He’s already attached. But I like food. We share a mutual interest in loving food. Since you both like food right? Yes. Today, we’ll be sending you on a challenge- an omurice challenge. Oh my god! I love omurice! Omurice is the best! When I order food from Cai Fan (Mixed Rice Stall), rice, steamed egg, even my vegetable is eggplant. So, that’s how much I love eggs. Egg is life. It will also have a lobster, prawns, mussels and sotong. But you cannot eat the prawns. Ya, I’m allergic to prawns. She will take care of the prawns- but it’s okay, I’ll eat the lobster. Omg, I love lobster you know. Confirm can. You sure or not? Ya. Must tag team you know? Have you seen my body? Are you ready? Yes! – Are you ‘egg-cited’?
– I’m very excited! ‘Omugerd’ (OMG) – We’re gonna eat lobster.
– What ‘omu-god’? ‘Omugerd’ I was there when they were filming how to cook- I couldn’t stop smiling. Before he put the egg- when he removed the bowl right, I was like ‘OMG’. Like he poured this white sauce on top, it was with all the seafood, all around. And then he still poured red sauce on top. When I first saw it, I was like “that’s all?” All I was thinking was- “I’m gonna eat this.” Food, food, food. Woohoo! 3, 2, 1. Go! Omg. Yes, rice time! First meal of the day. So nice! First 5 minutes into the challenge, I was super hungry, I was starving. I was like a wild dog about to- yes, it was THAT intense. I was like eating whatever I could put my hands onto. Omg asparagus, omg lotus- omg what’s this? Oh, lobster. Eat everything, put everything in my mouth. People will normally think to finish the rice- or lobster right? But then he chose to finish the- 2 burdock stalks at the top. What’s this? Bur- Burdock. Is this fish? Burdock, it’s a root. Eh, where’s the burdock? You eat ah? Ya. The most least important- – Ingredient you go eat first.
– It looked annoying. But I was quite surprised- you know after I looked at the time- it was about 4 minutes. Then it was already half the rice. So I was like, “We can do this”. By 5 minutes we can finish. Do you think they will finish it? Looking good. Ya, I was quite surprised at how much we could finish- in 5 minutes. She helped me fill up my mouth- while I was cracking open the lobster at one time. Cause I realized like- he was using his hands- then he already finish eating the rice. So he could not let it go. You’re not eating anything! I am. I didn’t expect to be that full at the 10 minute point. I was already at the middle of the stages of defeat. Denial. This is all your fault. What? Can you rewind and show how much I ate. Acceptance. I shouldn’t have eaten dinner last night too. I ate supper. Julian did a damn good job at- taking out the lobster meat. It was like perfect eh. Omg, you plucked it so perfectly. As I was stuffing my face continuously with rice, then I noticed that Julian right, all he did was eat the lobster leg. Eh, eat the rice leh. But it’s also gonna be judged. I asked them “Should we eat all the meat?” Then she said yes. Do we need to eat all the meat of the legs? Yes? Okay. Challenge accepted, I ate all the meat. No, but I realized I ate a lot more rice than Julian. So I was super full- but then I just held it in. Then he said he’s full so it discouraged me more. Okay last 5 minutes, I was literally just useless. – I was just watching Alison eat.
– He gave up. And I was just playing with the remaining food. So this is the eyes, I’m trying to finish but then you’re playing with the food. We lost already. See? 3 more minutes. Huh, I want to win leh. Omg. It was super hard to continue eating. I could stuff it in my mouth- but when I had to swallow the rice right, you have to force your mind, body to swallow. Then I was trying to sit straight, I was thinking maybe if I sit straight- I will have more space here. Did you know that a stomach can expand 66 times? Really? I must loosen my belt first. Actually we- at the last 5 minutes right, we finished everything but the rice. Cause I saw the rice right, we ate like 3/4 already- so i decided to break it down. Omg, so much eh. This much is 1 bowl of rice. Imagine how much we already ate. So did we complete the challenge, Julian? And… over. Stop. Urgh. We failed. And it’s all Alison’s fault. It’s- It’s nobody’s fault okay. It was a team effort, team failure. Right, Cue the teamwork montage. No, but I feel like we could’ve finished it- if we had more time to finish it. I think if we were given 40 minutes to finish it- like a proper lunch time length, we could’ve finished it. Okay, I think if you go to the challenge right, you must really have a big appetite for- – Carbs.
– Training. Couples who like to eat rice, and egg- or omurice in general. It’s so nice, super nice. I wished I could’ve more appetite to finish it. Actually I think our method was good- like in the first 5 minutes where- as you eat right, you start peeling the shells. You know, as you chew. And then after you finish, you continue eating the rice. I’m having food coma. Okay, so if you have completed the challenge, let us know in the comments section down below. And if you want us to try other challenges like this, you can also write it down. So thank you guys for watching this video. If you liked this video, like, share, subscribe. And watch our other videos there. Bye!