The hardest part for people who want to
become vegan is skipping cheese and dairy products. Hello everyone thank you so much for
taking this course and welcome to the vegan cheese course. I’m Maricel I’m a
vegan chef and I offer cooking classes and food
workshops to individuals who are interested to just implement more
varieties into their diet. I personally have been vegan for over eight years and
during this journey I have discovered so many beautiful ingredients, spices and
herbs and I just want to give you an idea on how to really beautifully create
dishes effortlessly that are very very tasty and also beneficial for your
overall health. I want you to know how important it is to be conscious of your
everyday food choices and to be aware of what you are implementing in your body
and what the impact is environmentally and also health-wise. Knowing all those
things gives you the freedom and power to choose food that is most beneficial
for your body and also for our environment. In this course you will learn different
kind of techniques and also different variations of cheeses.