These are cheesecake, vegan cheesecake bites and what I love about them, first of all, portion control.
Now, let me, before we, before I have a bite, the oxymoron of vegan cheesecake, it gets me a little worried. I am a tough judge on cheesecake, so tell me– I think you’re gonna like this. Okay, so this the one I wasn’t sure about. You’re gonna like it and it’s super satisfying because of all the protein and healthy fat in here. So, the crust is made out of almonds and flax seeds and dates. So, you’re getting a little bit of sweet, you’re getting a little fiber, you’re getting a little healthy fat, a little Omega-3s in there, antioxidants and then the cheese is made from coconut milk, which again, we just talked about those benefits of coconut and the protein powder, again, again, vegan protein powder like I used there. So, you’re getting that creamy, delicious, vanilla flavor and then you just can put on top whatever you want. Here, we have wild blueberries, which we know are loaded with antioxidants, good for your brain health. Very nice. Yeah, what do you think about that?
I’ve never had vegan cheesecake. I imagine that is the best vegan cheesecake out there. I’ll take it.
I have to, cheesecake happens to be probably my favorite dessert and I indulge in it just every now and again, and so, it does taste different, but I gotta tell ya, really well balanced. And it’s portion controlled automatically with the mini little muffin tins and again, it’s super satisfying with the coconut and the protein powder. And I’m gonna tell everyone this right now, you know, when you have a dinner party or even if you go to a big buffet and they have all these little bites of desserts and you have a few and then you feel like crap after, you’re so full. We just had all of these and I feel, I still feel light and I know 30 minutes from now I’m gonna feel light. I congratulate you. I loved all three of these. Likewise. Great, thank you, I’m so happy.
I concur. I’m gonna have to eat one now. Yes, you should. The only reason I’m a little bit upset is ’cause we have to go to break and I would love to have this spread out here the rest of the show. But, you can find all of these recipes on our website, Keri Glassman, home run once again. Thank you.
Loved ya.