Hi I’m Shawnte and this is Zach. This is the deya cheesecake taste test alright let’s taste this hmmm It’s good! I think I like it too.. Do you like it? mm-hmm yeah I love it.. does remind you of regular cheesecake? a little bit yes the only thing that concerns me.. there is no strawberry… yeah this one didn’t come within a strawberry syrup or any strawberries..I guess you can buy your own strawberries and make your own syrup or just get strawberry syrup you know… and pour it over it but it’s pretty good… it has a graham cracker crust on the bottom just like regular cheesecake and it’s pretty tasty… thumbs up mm-hmm two thumbs up? is it up or down down okay let’s tell them our honest opinion… you really like it? yeah I like it… um it’s kind of its kind of a cheese taste flavor… yeah I give it a 9 out of 10…the only thing that’s wrong is there’s no syrup that came with it or um strawberry cuz that’s more to like the traditional cheesecake… true okay… all right guys byee We are going to finish our cheesecake! hey guys this is what the box looks like and i’ll also put a link in the description to their website so you can see what products they have