Hi! My name is Jean (Shan). Today I’m going to show you how to make vegan “koldskål”. Koldskål is a very popular Danish
summer dessert. If the weather is warm the headlines will be: “Koldskål is sold
out!” We love koldskål! Usually it is made with buttermilk and eggs. Today i’m going
to show you, how to make it with plant-based yogurt and plant-based milk. Koldskål dates back to the 1700, but
then it was a refreshing drink or soup based on wine of beer, with fruits such
as strawberry, raspberry and lemon. it was often accompanied by a little
biscuit or rusk. Back in the days, when making butter, buttermilk was sort of the
waste product, which was fed to pigs. But around the 1900, when buttermilk was
considered suitable for human consumption, the koldskål became a popular dish in the summer, and it was served with another sort of biscuit called kammerjunkere which had a little more sugar and spice than
the rusk. Still considered low-ranking baked goods, perhaps it got its name, as kammerjunkere where a low ranking official at the
royal court, ranking under the Chamberlain. The ingredients in this koldskål are
plant-based yogurt, bought or homemade. Alpro with lime/lemon is a good choice,
but you can also use neutral or with vanilla taste. A fermented plant-based
yogurt will taste best – not one thickened with starch. You can choose the plant
milk you prefer. If you eat gluten-free remember, that oat milk usually is not
gluten-free. You can sweetened with cane sugar, maple syrup, dates, stevia whatever you prefer and some vanilla powder or vanilla extract. Add lots of lemon juice
and zest, which is the one ingredient that occurred in most of the old recipes.
Then slice up some strawberries. Karen Volf organic Kammerjunkere are vegan but, they do contain palm oil, so I don’t recommend buying them. I found these gluten-free organic biscuits with cinnamon, that tastes
really great with koldskål and they also have less calories, less sugar, less fat
and more fiber. Then finally garnish with some lemon balm. It just looks pretty! Only grate the outer yellow part of the lemon, the white part is bitter.
Squeeze the lemon. Chop up some lemon balm. Now add the ingredients in a bowl
and stir together