– Ah, that explains a lot of
really flat, lopsided cakes. Hey guys. Today on the Edgy Veg, I’m here with my friend Laurie. – Hi guys. I’m Laurie
from the Icing Artist. – So as you guys know, I don’t bake because I burn things or
make them look really ugly, so today, I’m learning
and I’m going to help you learn how to make beautiful
things in your kitchen, because when I usually
make a cake, I’m like I’m just going to slop
some icing on it and I’m like, it’s rustic. We are going to make a coconut-lime cake, and when you’re done watching this video, we’re going to show you
how to make the icing and decorate it on Laurie’s channel. The link will be in the description below, so when you’re done watching
this, click on that. (Bright string music) When I make a cake, I follow the recipe and throw all the ingredients into a bowl. – Okay. – Because I can’t be bothered. – Okay. I know it says to sift things
and then separate them. Is that really important? – We’re making this from scratch, so you don’t have to do that, but you do have to start with
your wet ingredients first, and then we’ll do our
dry ingredients separate and then combine all that together. – So I’ve been doing it wrong. – Yeah. – I found this recipe. It’s one of Isa Chandra
Moskowitz’s recipes for a coconut-lime cake. It’s easier to follow
somebody else’s recipe when you don’t know how to bake. So, let’s make our cake. – The wet ingredients first, always. – Okay. – I have coconut milk and soy milk. So, coconut milk for the coconut flavor, soy milk because the cake
needs to be wet, I assume. Yeah? – Yeah. – Okay, we have flour. – [Voiceover] Isn’t
flour a dry ingredient? – Yeah. – What did I say? – You said wet. – Oh, shit. So, for our wet ingredients, we have coconut milk, soy milk, extracts, vanilla and coconut, lime zest. Instead of butter or vegetable oil, which a lot of cakes use, right? We have coconut oil because
it’s a coconut cake. – Yay. (Bright string music) – Now that we have our wet
ingredients all mixed up. We did such a good job. Now, we’re going to add
our dry ingredients. For the dry ingredients, we have flour. Sorry if you’re gluten free. You can use gluten-free flour. – It should work. – I’m not gluten free,
so I’m not going to. – Mm-Mm. Shredded coconut. – Shredded coconut, baking
powder or baking soda and salt. So, we’re going to mix those
together in a separate bowl. Now we have our two separate dry and wet. What do we do with them? – We want to combine them,
just slowly kind of add our dry ingredients into our wet mixture little bits by little bits because if you add everything at once,
it’s going to kind of clump. – Poof! – Yeah, poof and clump and it’s not good. – See, I just usually
throw everything in there and then put a dish towel
over it and turn it on. I use springform pans because I can’t get a cake out of a pan like this. – It’s actually pretty easy. You just have to line it properly and then you’ll be able
to pop it out easily. Other than that, you’re like tapping it, trying to get it out. – And then the bottom
always gets stuck for me. – Yeah. Parchment paper. (Bright string music) – This butter is really good. – You can’t just drop it, you kind of tap it against
your counter top, or whatever, and that’s just going to
bring any of the air bubbles that are into the cake up to the top so that way you don’t get those big, You notice, all of a sudden you’re cutting into the cake and it’s just like, poof, there’s a big air bubble? That’s what that’s from. – You know things. – I know things. (Sneezes) – [Voiceover] Rolling. – Good, perfect timing. Alright, toss it in the oven, right? Okay, bye. – Bye cake. – See you in 40 minutes. Hopefully you’re not burned. Yay! – Yay! Alright, ready for the second layer? – Yes. Sorry, did not mean to kick you. Alright guys, now you have it, an easy coconut-lime
cake that’s decorated. For step-by-step instructions
on how to make the vegan icing head over to Laurie’s YouTube channel, watch the video there. I’m going to leave it in
the description box below so you guys can learn
how to make the icing and see how easy it was to decorate. – It’s super easy. I always think cake decorating is easy, but it was really nice to see how easy it was for you to do, too, and she did almost this whole cake. – If I can do it, and
you guys have seen me try to ice things. If I can do it, you can do it. So make sure you go over to Laurie’s channel, the Icing Artist. Give her a big thumbs-up as well, and leave her a comment letting her know that you are from my
channel and subscribe, so we can all be friends. – All of us, we’ll all be friends forever. – Let’s all be friends. Okay, bye! – Bye. – James and I got invited
by the By Chloe people to eat at the new By Chloe restaurant, so that’s where we’re going right now. James is already inside
getting us a table. (Dance music) – [Voiceover] Excuse me,
do you mind if I sit here?