We are in the Chef Inc. Culinary School in
Los Angeles and next what Aj is going to do is ice the cake. I have made this glaze and
I have cooled it, I’m going to pour it on the top, it is to bad that they can’t smell
this because there is nothing like it. Yeah. You want to make sure you get every last rich
delicious drop. You know I made this cake up based on a cake that sold for dessert at
PF chain restaurant called The Wall and I was like there got to be a way to make a healthy
vegan version of this and this is basically it. So here its just going to go tumbling
down. Wow. I can’t wait to try this at home. This is going to be so delicious. Everything
you have shown me has been so easy. Well thank you. And so healthy for us. Well you know
what my motto is I have a magnet on my refrigerator “Life is uncertain so eat dessert first”
and I really believe that. Yeah I like eating dessert first. Yes. I think if you are satisfied
at the beginning of the meal you won’t eat as much because you won’t be eating just to
get to dessert. Now of course we are going to make this as pretty as we can. That is
wonderful this would be a great birthday cake. A wonderful birthday cake. Now I probably
the glaze should have been a little cooler that is why it’s not cooperating but I could
always fix it.