Hi! Nili Nathan I’m here at the School of
Chef Inc. Culinary School and with me is Chef Aj Hello! Hi! She is a vegan of raw food chef
and culinary instructor. That is right and your are going to be showing us some delicious
desserts today. In this series of healthy dessert cooking. What is the first thing that
you are going to make? We are going to make a delicious vegan chocolate cake it has no
eggs, no diary, no butter, no cream and has no cholesterol. No sugar? This one receipt
is going to use organic sugar but this would be the only one because this is like a special
occasion cake and its just sometimes you just go to go a little bit with the sugar. It sounds
great. Thank you! Lets get started. Well first thing I’m going to do is mix my dry ingredients
together I’m going to take 3 cups of organic unbleached flour. You want to make sure that
its unbleached you don’t want all those chemicals in there to why do you need flour anyway because
it is going to be a chocolate cake you know. So all the ingredients by the way you could
get at any local health food store that we are using there are really not hard to find.
So we are going to add 3 cups of these organic unbleached white flour. Unfortunately you
can’t just substitute wheat flour in a receipt you can but its not going to be cup for cup
just so you know. Okay. And this next thing is the sugar 2 cups. Regular? Well it is regular
sugar buts it is just made by the sugar cane. Okay that is good. It’s the natural sugar
cane that is cut and dried so that there is no preservatives or additives so I got my
dry ingredients going on here the most important one for the chocolate cake is I have a organic
coco powder fare trade. Okay. That is unsweetened? Yes it is unsweetened coco powder and I’m
going to use a half of cup of that. It smells good. It does smell good and you know you
could actually I been experimenting a lot with just the raw coco nibs and you can use
that. I use them to! They are delicious. I put them in a vita-mix to make smoothies.
Aren’t they great? And they are so fun and they are so chocolate and they are so natural
and you somebody could not have chocolate for whatever reason you could use carob powder
in a cake like this. Sure. You could substitute. So I got my dry ingredients going on here
but I need some baking soda. Ops lets just open that up, most people have a box of this
in there house, always make sure that its fresh though you have to look for the expiration.
2 teaspoons of these and a teaspoon of sea salt. I always recommend sea salt its the
best tasting. You are using a Celtic sea salt. Yes I like the brand but any sea salt would
be fine it doesn’t have to be. Celtic is a little healthier. It is. It has about 50 minerals.
In Himalaya salt is another good one but what I like about is it actually just taste good
you know. It does its not process. Its great. Its just from the sea and its dry and you
know there is so many choices when it comes to sea salt. I got this from the sea and its
dried and there is so many choices when comes sea salt. So I got my dry ingredients here.