Now the main thing you need to know is the
bananas must be riped before you freeze them and you know a banana is ripe because it has
spots. Our country seems to be obese of how things look and the way people eat bananas
shocks me because they are not ripe. Oh I know and they are not ripe and you can’t digest
them as well, they are not as good for you when they are like that so it is not how it
looks so it is how it feels inside. And they are sweeter. Definitely so this is a example
of a ripe banana and one thing and I have to clarified this cause I actually once had
student that did not hear this part you must peel the banana before you freeze it. If you
freeze a frozen banana folks you would never get the peel off. The other thing I recommend
is you could see that it is frozen hard so don’t have them touch when they freeze put
them on wax paper or plate because they would touch. They would stick together but by freezing
them separately I have all these frozen bananas that aren’t touching. So now all I do as I
plug my machine in I turn it on, I put the banana in. That is it just a frozen banana.
You could use fruit that is already prefrozen like mango, raspberries would be a little
tart, I have use melons like honey dew canalop watermelon it is more like a sobert that way.
You just hold the glass for me, that noise is normal not to worry but this is so thick
and so rich. It is like the best sauce or ice cream that you ever had, I mean you could
give this I think you can give it to a infant because there god made this ice cream one
ingredient banana. Now before we dress it even more. Can I try it. I’m going to make
it even more decadent but I want you to try it I like the normal way. Wow. You could eat
this for breakfast now wait we have this raspberry coolie that we made in the other episode lets
put a little hit on top. Fruit sundae I mean this could be your. Isn’t it good? Its great.
Its so good. They should be serving this in fast food restaurant and schools kids would
eat this I have 13 nieces and nephews I never heard a complaint. Mango is so good in this
machine to you could even mix your fruit blueberries, peaches. I can’t wait for Leslie from chef
inc has let us use her kitchen try this. Thank you Leslie.