So I’m using 4 ripe avocados and putting them
all in the food processor this one is a little bit hard it is going to be okay. Now when
you make this for your friends or family don’t tell them it is avocado there is a preconceive
notion. I just need something to wipe my hands. Thank you. Because if you don’t tell them
they would never know I have been making this for years and I don’t tell them. I don’t even
tell them after they eat it I call them like about a week after the dinner party because
they always want the receipt. So I got the avocado my 4 ripe avocados and I’m going to
add a cup of a guava nectar a low glycemic sweetener made from the cactus plant from
which they actually make tequila. That is right. I’m going to pour that right in there.
This only has 4 ingredients how easy is that and I’m going to add pure vanilla extract,
I prefer a alcohol free extract in my desserts I just think that it taste better. Some people
like that little alcohol thing going on I don’t. You could also use a fresh vanilla
bean so we are going to put a tablespoon in and I’m using raw carob powder. Carob is a
Mediterranean fruit, it taste very much like chocolate so people that can’t eat chocolate
or don’t want to I can eat chocolate but you know I’m a little hyper as it is and chocolate
I think and sugar also makes me even more hyper but when you taste the carob powder
I think it is actually sweeter then coco powder, it is not bitter, and I think taste just as
good if not better. T hat is all I did I put everything in the food processor, I push the
button. Now ever now and then you might want to scrap the sides down because if you have
any of those green chunks in there they are going to wonder what the heck is going on
with there chocolate mousse. Blend it to you could see no more green again you could make
a pie out of this but who could wait. What I like to do is take fresh fruit and just
dip it like a fondue. And this is great for people who are hypoglycemic. Oh my god of
course. Watching there sugar. You know people who have migraines often can’t eat chocolate,
people who have anxiety often can’t eat chocolate. This taste. It looks and feels like chocolate.
That is so good. This became this. Chill it, it is going to be even banana in here oh you
could make a fantastic pie. I don’t know if you are allow to double dip but I will let