Hi! I’m back with Aj and she just mixed the
batter and now you are about to pour into the bowl. Right but first I want to spray
it with a non-stick spray so it won’t stick and you could find this in any store or you
could do it the old fashion way grease and then flour the pan. It is just really easy.
You just want every last drop to come out so make sure you pour it in evenly so you
have 2 layers that are even. Chocolate heaven. Is it okay to lick the spoon? Yeah its absolutely
is because remember we are not using any eggs so there is no seldom vanilla risk or anything
like that. I hope the batter taste good because. It does very good. Good. Thank you. Yummy
yummy. Yep. Always tap tap you see those little air bubbles tap tap get rid of those little
air bubbles. I have already preheated my oven to 350, I’m going to put them on the center
shelf. How long does that takes? It takes about 40 minutes but it’s always a good idea
to check in 5 minutes sooner or when a toothpick is inserted in the center and it comes out