[alert siren] [jazzy music plays] [Rowan] Oh my god! I thought you were gonna sniff that!
[both laugh] Oh shit! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Rowan singing] Stump Kitchen! [Alexis off-camera] So it is filming. [both laugh]
[Alexis] Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm! [Rowan] Mmmm. It’s so good. [Alexis] Holy fuck. [Rowan] Chick peas have spent their entire
life spans thinking they’re the stars of the show. [Alexis laughs]
[Rowan] And they’re like put in these cans and they’re thinking ‘oh yeah, I’m gonna be
the star of the salad!’ or something. The can is open and they’re not even used! It’s their water! I feel like this is very political. Destroy the Chick Pea Hegemony. [both laugh] [Rowan snorts] I snort is that
okay with you? Okay. Welcome to Stump Kitchen. My name is Rowan. I’m not Alexis. I don’t have a stump but I do have this amazing
crocheted stump. [Alexis] Let’s get doin’ it! Let’s get doin’ it? [Rowan] Let’s get doin’ it! [both laugh]
[Alexis] Okay! So first I wanna just recognize the aroma
that’s coming from this can. [Rowan] I love using measuring cups! It’s so satisfying to watch them fill up. [both laugh]
[Alexis] I like to watch you watch them fill up!
[both laugh] [Alexis] I’m on fucking fire right now. Holy shit. [Rowan] I can’t keep up! [Alexis] So I’m just gonna leave that there. [Rowan] We’re after the viscosity of this
water. It’s thick. [Alexis] It’s thick as fuck. Oh come on brain. [sings] Dah dee dee dee dee dee. There’s a trick I learned from this recipe
you actually take a bit of this and you put it down on the corners. [Rowan] Like glue! This is glue that’s safe to sniff. [Alexis] Yeah it is! And I mean like, every time I lick something
off my stump I’m always like– [Rowan] Especially when it’s white, fluffy
and creamy? [both laugh]
When I was a kid I really didn’t like peanut butter, so my family is originally from Egypt
and when we first left I was 7, we moved to the States, all the kids would have peanut
butter sandwiches for lunch – I thought it was disgusting! [Alexis laughs] It’s this dry thing that’s
not sweet and not salty it’s like in between it’s just dry on bread, which is already dry. I thought it was disgusting, I thought that
these white kids were weird. And then fast forward like 20 years later
and I’m like “Oh this is amazing!’ like — [both laugh] [jazzy music continues]