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media firestorm has recently erupted involving a well-known vegan blogger who purchased something
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clicking on the link below this video. How come this random act of kindness involving
a well-known vegan blogger went so terribly wrong? After all, it would seem that the blogger,
@itsallzara, is a nice young lady who felt sorry for a sobbing child. What’s wrong with that? She sounds like a sweetheart. She’s a 22 year old Vegan blogger that,
per her Twitter profile, “with a cute dog and a love for fitness and medical science.” So when she ran across a crying child who
wanted ice cream from an ice cream truck that had stopped in the neighborhood and the little
tyke couldn’t afford it, @itsallzara stepped up and paid for a cone…and the child was
happy. Wasn’t that nice? But a gentleman by the name of Anthony, who
apparently was a follower of hers, asked her privately if she had given the child a gluten-free
ice cream cone as opposed to a regular one. When he received an answer he didn’t like,
he did what all Internet trolls like to do…. He publicly shamed her online! Now, look, before we go any further, let’s
get real here. We’re an ice cream stand since 1960, that’s
served three generations of customers, that ALSO, in recent years, has been featured in
places like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Telemundo and more. We’ve won awards and/or Best Overall in
competitions run by 101.5 WPDH, the Home of Rock and Roll, one of the largest radio stations
in the region of New York State where we’re located… …and we’ve been named Best Ice Cream in
regional publications like The Hudson Valley Magazine. So it might just surprise you in terms of
where we’re landing on this controversy. Because, sure, as with all things Internet,
it’s become a controversy. Yep. When Anthony didn’t get the answer that
he liked, he freaked out and private messaged @itsallzara with his rage, but eventually
she blocked him. You know, like you’re supposed to do when
a troll attacks you. I dunno…. But, as all hungry trolls do, Anthony didn’t
stop when he was blocked. He didn’t take the hint. He was desperate to guilt-shame her. So he took to the internet, sharing screen
shots of their communications, expecting support from the vegan community on a micro level,
and the Internet community on a macro level. And—how refreshing—he was surprised by
the firestorm that ended up coming HIS way. Guess chivalry isn’t dead after all. Yup! Men and women began to defend her, even those
who publicly identify as vegan. As of yesterday, if I’m not mistaken, Anthony
got over 9,000 tweets of rage telling him to…oh, what’s a nice way of putting it? I’ll have to paraphrase one of my favorite
quotes from the Queen in the movie Coming to America…. Put a SOCK in it, Anthony. Look, we here at Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill
understand that people have a right to their opinions. People have a right to their beliefs. But NO ONE has a right to be a bully just
because their opinions differ from one another. About anything. Not just ice cream. Anything. Every single human on planet Earth has a right
to be treated with respect. And yet, more and more, people like Anthony
are turning to guilt-shaming people when they get answers and/or responses that they don’t
like. No one minds their own business. No one cheers folks on just for being kind
anymore. Everything has to be so darn complicated. And we’re the ones making it that way. It’s time to STOP. David at @VeganGenesis tweeted, “So just
because you’re vegan means you can’t make a kid’s day? One ice cream cone isn’t gonna make the
world spontaneously combust. Get a grip Anthony.” C’mon, we promise you that Joe’s Dairy
Bar and Grill’s ice cream isn’t going to cause the world to combust, people. Laura Grace at @thatgirllaura22 tweeted, “Dude
get over it, it’s just a child and she didn’t mean any harm.” AND, when Anthony tried to tweet back to say
that he was just speaking in the name of activism in the face of what he termed was a “supposed
vegan,” Matthew @BeerGutBarry tweeted, “What’s to speak about though? I’m not going to give money to a homeless
person with the stipulation that they only buy vegan food. That’s the spiteful meme most are trying
to fight against. You win more hearts with compassion and kindness
than you do with ruthless fanaticism.” Oh, it doesn’t stop there, folks. According to Mark My Words at @markmckay66,
“I’ve rightly defended you elsewhere Anthony, but on this you’re just completely wrong
headed. You’re coming across as a dogmatic bully. I buy non-vegan food for my non-vegan partner. So what? Good on you @itsallzara. You are a kind, compassionate vegan.” The food for thought here, and DON’T pardon
the pun, is that there is a fine line between discussion and degradation. We need to cheer people on for their kindness
and mind our own business more than we’ve been doing as a global society. Random acts of kindness shouldn’t disappear
from the earth because thousands or more people might just troll you for being a good human
being. Be the example you want people to follow…don’t
guilt-shame them, pester them or force-feed them your beliefs, whatever they may be about. Life’s too SHORT to fuss over something
like someone being kind to a little child in a way YOU don’t completely agree with. That little girl should be able to grow into
an adult and decide what she wants for herself as she becomes more mature. And whatever she decides, her family and friends
should love her and support her for it. Period. If she wants to be vegan or vegetarian (there’s
a difference, you know), then so be it. If she wants vegan ice cream, great. If she wants full-fat ice cream, fine. Frozen yogurt? Fine. Whatever. Can’t we all just get along…and eat our
ice cream in peace and quiet? For the record, we’ve polled our customer
base and it would seem that, for now, they’re not interested enough in vegan ice cream for
us to purchase it…yet…BUT we do have veggie burgers, gluten-free offerings, fresh fruit
and more. As our client base evolves, we’ll evolve
with them. We love them. And we should all love one another, agree
where we can, agree to disagree where we can’t…and move on…together. Now you know the stance we here at Joe’s
Dairy Bar and Grill take in terms of this hot-flash-from-the-newsroom story that’s
been carried by The Guardian, Yahoo Lifestyle, The Takeout
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