Hello, and welcome to JuicyTube. Today I would like to talk about protein, more accurately vegetarian protein sources. It is believed that one must eat a lot of meat, eggs and animal protein to give the body energy and the correct building blocks but there are also good vegetarian choices. We see a lot of milk and dairy allergies and therefore we need alternative choices . And if you are very active you will need a little more protein than the average Norwegian (person). Protein is actually very acid forming and our body needs to have a slight alkaline PH balance that is when it functions at its’ best. So if you eat to much protein it takes a toll on your kidneys and also creates an acidic enviorment. But protein is vital for our body. For our immune system, our muscles and ligaments. They are the building blocks in our body. I work with juicing and plant based nutrition and people always ask me where I get my protein from? Well there is protein in both fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, seaweed- a lot of great sources. But I love to use pea protein. I exercise a lot and am pysically active. I love a healthy “between meal” and I love to boost my juice to make it more filling and to stabilize my blood sugar. Low carb has been a huge trend these past years and that is great as we need to reduce our carb intake but to much protein as mentioned is not good for our kidneys and is acidic forming and we need more alkaline forming foods and drinks in our diets. So I have discovered pea protein which I love! It is the only protein source that is alkaline forming which will result in a healthier body that is less acidic. This is a sugar snap pea and is rich in protein and you can juice it but we can also isolate the protein from yellow peas and then we end up with concentrated pea protein in a powder form. 2 large tablespoons gives you 25 grams of protein which is perfect after your workout, perfect as a small meal and also as a snack when you are short on time. Boost your juice with pea protein. It strengthens your immune system and your entire body. You can get pea protein with or without flavouring. The last one you can add to every single one of my recipes. Together with Vital Health I will be providing you with several recipes and product knowledge that will make you healthier and happier and your day a little bit “juicier” so be sure to follow JuicyTube. Please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss an episode. See you soon!