Okay, yeah, we’re back again To harvest to these stinging nettles still sunny day very warm weather Very nice day um last time We did… we used the stinging nettles to make nettle tea and soup. They actually taste very good, but Today we’re gonna make another interesting cuisine, which is called Qingtuan, the green rice ball. You can actually smell the a very fresh smell of these nettles very pleasant So speaking of qingtuan, in China in the spring People use the kind of wild plant called wormwood and squeeze its juice and then mix it with rice flour to make rice ball you can fill it with feelings like red beans or takeo duck yogurt So last time we only harvest four or two leaves of these Nettles We should harvest a bit … probably we should harvest a little bit more Because last time we tasted it’s very tender very fresh usually when it’s grow older When the nettle grows as high as a person you want to just harvest only four or six leaves of nettles. But when it’s this young, very short, you probably can harvest more. Now we are back home and ready to make qingtuan. The red bean paste filling is readily available from Asian grocery stores Basically all I need to worry about is the nettle wrap. This is my first time making it, so hopefully it won’t be a disaster I’m mixing some sticky rice flour and rice flour as well as some oil and sugar The approximate ratio of the two flour is about three to one rice flour is used so that the ball won’t be too sticky and will have some rough texture In the meantime my wife is making nettle juice. simply boil nettles in water for 5 minutes And puree with a blender Poor the nettle puree into the flour mix Alright all you need is to kneed the mix into a light green dough just like this Now kneed the store purchase the red bean paste into small balls. Wrap the small red ball with green paste and make it big green ball Then you steam the balls for 10 to 15 minutes People who don’t have access to wormwood usually use other greens, such as spinach or green tea powder to make the qingtuan. But I think the main point of qingtuan is to have a taste of the spring. The stinging nettle. with its distinct aroma is perfect for the purpose. Okay now the balls are ready to serve It’s very sweet because of the red bean but after the sweetness you Can have a sense of the stinging nettle, very fresh, but I think maybe we probably put too much water. Yeah in the stinging nettle so it’s diluted the flavor is diluted a little bit so next time if we do it next time we probably will at the less water and make the juice nettle juice stronger, would you do it next time? Yeah, yeah Okay, I really like this it’s really…taste very good