and in some lighter news check this out architects have swapped traditional building materials for sugar and spice to create an edible gingerbread city at a London Museum the annual exhibit which runs through January 6 showcases buildings by architects designers and engineers who have been asked to create a sustainable and inclusive city of the future more than 60 structures have been baked and the city features a cable car made made of licorice and cycle lanes and pedestrian route and made entirely of sugar I like all the details Connor I feel like I can just go look at this display and stare at it forever and taken something new every time yeah it’s incredibly detailed very well put together I wonder how they went about selecting which engineers got to be a part of this they went to the firm and were like which one of you really wants to just build an incredibly detailed city out of gingerbread and candy and I imagine they got a lot of takers on those I I bet they do they have great imaginations too but I know anything that I try to build is going to look nothing like that you know I’m thinking today might be a day to just stay inside and make a gingerbread house with how cold it is yeah that would not be a bad plan at all today like I said at the top of the show you got me this morning Montana I consider myself fairly hearty but I was cold as I went out and started my car scraped off the windshield it’s a chilly one out there this