If you’re looking for a handcrafted
memento to celebrate any one of life’s occasions, look no further than “Etched In Time.” Our family-owned business provides personalized gifts laser engraved in
both metal and wood. We work closely with our customers to create a product
specific to their purpose, making sure it’ll provide many memories for years to
come. Engravings are done in one hour or less
and are available in our store as well as on our online Etsy shop where your
item will be engraved and shipped within 24 hours. We are crafters in the sense
that we do create one-of-a-kinds. We will let you come in and create your own
piece and it’s very custom. If you have your favorite Bible verse or a quote
that you’ve always said or something maybe your grandma always said to you
and you want to engrave it, we can do it. So if you’re looking for a special gift
to commemorate an important life event look no further than “Etched In Time,”
creating keepsakes for life’s occasions Everyone loves baked goods and sweets
from their local bakery. “Corbett’s Cookie Bar Kitchen” isn’t your
run-of-the-mill bakery. Just one step inside this quaint little cookie shop
and you’ll be transported into a world of pure imagination. Each cookie bar is
made to perfection and is created using only local ingredients. Perfect to share
with a friend or family member, “Corbett’s” isn’t just a place for baking
gourmet cookie bars, it’s also a place of energy where the natural laws are the
main idea. If you’re looking for a place to balance your chakra, take a break from
the artificial world, or gain overall enlightenment, our cookie bar is the
place for you. “Corbett’s” is a magical place where only
experience will yield understanding. If you’re looking to remodel, restore or
refresh the look of your home office or space, we invite you to consider the
multitude of products services and design packages offered by the “Red
Shutters Home and Garden Network.” The interior design professionals at :Red Shutters” are schooled in and experienced with the iconic decorating styles:
traditional, modern and fun. We focus on your timeline, your budget and we do it
with the utmost taste. Perhaps you want to recreate the images you’ve seen on
Instagram or Pinterest down to the one look that’s perfect for you. From simple
color packages to furniture recommendations and floor plans to full
rooms and even complete homes, the “Red Shutters” provides everything necessary
to satisfy selective customers like you. We can show you what’s timeless, what’s
hot and what’s not. We can show you wall coverings to use in ways you might want
to consider. We can help you reduce your complicated project to a simple step by
step process. We can show you how to use what you already own to a much greater
advantage. Talk to the “Red Shutters” today about a more beautiful tomorrow. The “Red Shutters”: in good tastes since 1950. For five years, “Rooster Tees” has been doing prints and shirt embroideries for local businesses, such as Warwick Winery and
Penning Farm Mark as well as Warwick Valley High School. All of our printing is
done on site by Jeff Padam, a graduate of Warwick Valley High School. Contact us today at (845) 987-1133 or visit us at 1 Cadillac Lane in Warwick, New York. Jean Claude’s bakery is your go-to for a one-of-a-kind sweet treat. We specialize
in custom-made cakes to order no matter the occasion. Everything is baked from
scratch with locally sourced ingredients when in season, demanding only the
highest quality. Our family has enjoyed special occasion
cakes our family gatherings of holidays, Easter, Christmas. We pride ourselves in
providing our customers with a unique dessert experience. The authenticity of this bakery is very
reminiscent of my travels in France. The best bakery in the area, we have a
beautiful outdoor deck that offers a dine alfresco. Come to Jean Claude’s
bakery for a taste of Paris in Green Lake, New York. Hi, my name is Natalia Fischer. I’m an
accountant and have been working on taxes for over 18 years. I prepare tax
returns for various complexities, tax audits and handle tax notices
of any type. Being an enrolled agent, I received my continuing education
directly from the IRS. As a small business owner myself, I work directly
with my clients so if you have any tax needs, please give me a call at (347) 249-3535. The first consultation is always
free. Conveniently located in the heart of
Warwick, “Newhards” is a hometown department store like no other. Family
owned and operated for over 30 years. Step inside for an amazing shopping
experience. You’ll get lost looking through each beautifully crafted display. Our personal attention to customer service creates an environment that
you’ll keep coming back to. As the seasons change, so does the look and feel of our store. I’m always so excited to see what they come up with for the
windows at “Newhards.” Every season they change and I just love seeing what they
come up with. Not only is our store great for gifts, we also carry essentials for
the home and . Treat yourself or someone special to a
wide array of bath and body products. Kids of all ages light up at the sight
of our unique toy section. You’ll also find an extensive selection of kitchen
and houseware supplies. Find the perfect gift for any occasion, plus we offer
creative gift wrapping with every purchase. Don’t just come to shop, come for the
experience. “Newhards”: the Home Source. Quality. Caring. Authenticity. All of these
are promised when you come to the “Warwick Valley Farmers Market” Local farmers work tirelessly to ensure the product that ends on your table are the highest
quality. The best of caring and the most authentic food you get from start to
finish. We screen each of our vendors to ensure
they meet our high expectations. These vendors at the farmers market not only
meet our expectations, but exceed them. The sense of community you’ll find here
extends beyond the market into the town so visit the “Warwick Valley Farmers Market,” by the community for the community. Warwick Valley is home to beautiful scenery with thriving and blossoming businesses. The Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce is a
nonprofit organization that helps businesses to expand and thrive. Now
celebrating our 80th year, we have a long history building businesses from our red
caboose. The Warwick Valley Chamber offers publicity and networking through several
events each year. Ribbon cuttings, Applefest, Community
Showcase and Taste of Warwick help to market your business, large or small. New member lunches, annual
dinners and monthly meetings provide opportunities to speak with other local
business owners. By promoting tourism and encouraging people to shop local, Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce keeps people coming back to Warwick. We ensure that
Warwick businesses work together to benefit each other. We have a deep passion for
community and use our dedication, experience and history to help make
businesses that last.