Hello, how are you nice to see you again? I really am enjoying my food visits here in Vietnam. I’m walking from District 1 to District 3 here. I have to walk. I guess I could take a bike but I’m walking I’m getting very close to this very famous little place that makes this amazing dessert. It’s a classic in Vietnam. It’s a grilled banana in sticky rice and then in coconut pudding. I’m just drooling thinking about it. I’m on my way there now and then in this video also, I’m going to try some fried bananas right here in Saigon, Vietnam. Like starting to just pour right now, so we’re gonna have a little bit of delay in the grilled banana tasting. I found this really sweet cute little tea cafe to take refuge in. So just wait a bit, we’re getting there. Rainy season what do you expect? So like it’s been an hour waiting I gotta get on with this so I gotta head out in the rain and go get some grilled bananas actually that sounds kind of nice. Grilled bananas in the rain. I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of videos on this channel done in the rain. So this is the place across the street here and it closes in an hour so that’s why I had to get out in the rain and just get this done. I going to order four. There’s sometimes a wild card in these groups. You’ll see people waiting in line and you know, some of them might be ordering like 10. And then you’ve got the the drivers the delivery services as well. So I’m hoping I don’t have a wild card in this bunch here waiting. I’ll have four. So this is the one with the sticky rice. These are just the plain bananas. But you gotta go all in if you’re going to do this. As far as I’m concerned. You gotta get the banana with the sticky rice. This place is famous. That’s the warm coconut pudding that’s going in. I’m actually looking forward to having this out in the rain. I’m going to find a little shelter where I can consume this and then I’m going to take some back to my friends. They close at 7, you gotta get here, there’s usually a huge crowd here. Hello, I’m sitting almost right on the ground here on one of these little low plastic stools right at the stand here. Honestly this is not an ideal place to eat. But I’m just looking for cover and a place where it’s a little bit dry. So that’s why I’m eating here. No, I wouldn’t eat here normally. It’s Ok, you just pick-up food here. You don’t eat here. What the hell it’s part of the ambience right? Let’s give this a try. They always put these things on way… I mean, I guess I’m useless but they always seem to put these things on way too tight. It’s elastic around the coconut pudding. It’s raining a desperate, I’m sorry, they all think I’m crazy here. They’re right! Okay, I’m just, forget it. I’m just poking a hole in this thing, that works! They’re literally hauling the garbage out right around me, while I’m trying to eat this, or I’m going to attempt to eat this. Anways it’s all worth it. I’ve tried this at a couple other different places here in Saigon, this place is really good. I only put the stuff on video that I really like. The places that I really like. Okay, let’s give this a try. Let’s do it! No, it’s still pretty warm out but I like this. This warm dessert, this coconut pudding that they’ve got the right amount of sugar in the pudding. The pudding is like coconut milk, tapioca. They got the right amount of everything here a little bit of peanut It’s simple. I love it. The bananas are perfect, perfect texture. Okay now on to the fried banana. So like timing is everything for this place if you get here like too early you’re just going to be waiting a while for them to fry up the batch. If you get you’re kind of in the middle and you see a bit of a crowd around then, you know, it’s a hit-or-miss either you’re gonna get some out of that batch or you have to wait for the next batch. Because there’s always a wild card in this bunch I find like when you’re when you’re waiting here for these fried bananas there’s just like one person here that’s going to order like 20 or 10 or something like that. And then you’ve got all of the delivery food places that are here to pick up for customers to deliver to their place. So You just gotta have patience if you want fried bananas. But this place is totally worth it, totally worth the wait. So it’s it’s not too bad right now. There’s a few people here could be a wild card. But it’s looking pretty good when I got here. Hi When I got here there was a crowd around and I think they took the whole batch. So I noticed there’s some there. And it’s not bad to actually get some that are sitting in the basket because you can’t eat them right out of the fryer anyways, they’re way too hot. You’ll just burn the roof of your mouth or your tongue. I’m here for the fried bananas, but they do the che chuoi, che chuoi…. banana=chuoi…. – chewy chewy chewy, nuoc cot dua. Thank you! Okay, we’re gonna go in. I’m gonna go in I’m going to get a couple and I think the ones I’m gonna try have cooled down a little bit so I’m going to get some. I’m going to order a couple right now. Oh yeah I gotta get in here cause there’s a line-up growing again. I might miss out. It’s quite an assembly line, these guys are great! Oh those black sesame seeds there, they totally make these things. Oh and the corn I forgot they put corn in as well. In the batter they put a little bit of corn in there. Two… Cám ơn! Cám ơn! If you want fried bananas be nice. Just be patient, be nice. Smile, so you don’t go to the back of the line. Oh my God I feel like I’ve been waiting forever. Actually I haven’t been waiting that long. I’m just so excited to be eating these things. Okay. This is not like slicing a banana and putting it on your cereal in the morning. This isn’t even like putting some bananas on some pancakes. This is a completely different eating experience. I have to tell you these things are incredible. Now it’s not the first time that I’ve tried them here. They feel still a little bit hot, maybe a little bit too hot. But let’s try. These could be too greasy but these ones aren’t. This type of dessert, this type of sweet or treat, if you don’t do it, right this is going to be kind of a sloppy greasy mess. This is crispy on the outside. I love that little bit of corn that they use in the batter. Black sesame seeds, sesame seeds, creamy banana inside. So amazing! Nine thousand each. A little bit of corn there, this is so good! Vietnam love you! I had to come back. And I wanted to show you this because the last time I was here I was just literally scooping this stuff into my mouth in the rain. So it’s drier now. This is the grilled bananas with sticky rice and coconut pudding that is so wonderful. Actually brought one of these. 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