Hello, it’s nice that you tuned into thuskochtour again. Today I want to show you a delicious Vietnamese dessert called „Che Troi Nuoc“. Che Troi Nuoc literally translates into sticky rice balls that float in water/ sugar syrup. And now I will show you the ingredients: 260g sticky rice flour 200ml warm water 15g sugar a pinch of salt First put the sugar and salt into the flour and mix it together and add the water little by little and then knead it into a dough If the dough is too thick, add 2-3tbsps of water. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and put it aside. Filling:

150g mung beans (already soaked and steamed) 1 tsp vanilla extract 15 sugar some salt First put the mung beans into a mixer and blend them. Put the mung beans, sugar, salt and vanilla extract into a pan. Put it onto the heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Finally add some water it gets easier to form the balls. Finally add some water, so it gets easier to form the balls. 400g coconut milk 1/2tbsp starch some salt Put the coconut milk, salt and starch into a pot and stir. Now put it onto the heat and let it simmer. Remove the pot as soon as the milk turns thicker. When the mung beans are cooled down, form them into small balls. When the balls are done, take some dough. Press down the dough, put the mung bean ball inside and cover it up with the dough. Then shape it into a ball again. If you want to you can also prepare the same amount of dough and make small balls without the mung bean filling. Finally cover the balls with a kitchen towel and put them aside. Then prepare the sugar syrup and therefore we need: 1l water 1tsp vanilla extract 300g cane sugar 70g ginger some salt First cut the ginger into thin strips. Put the ginger into a mortar and crush it. Put the ginger aside. Put the water, salt, sugar, vanilla extract and half of the ginger into a pot and let it bring to boil until the sugar is dissolved. Let some water bring to boil in another pot and put the balls inside As soon as the balls are floating on the water surface, take them out and put them into cold water. Let everything cool down and then put the balls into the sugar syrup. Let the balls swim in the syrup for approx. 10min. After 10min the balls are done. Now put 2-3 balls with some syrup and coconut milk into a bowl. Add some ginger and sesame seeds on top for decoration. And now you have a delicious dessert from Vietnam „Che Troi Nuoc“ . I hope you enjoyed this video! Subscribe to my channel for free and until next time! Bye