– [Jenni] Oh, I think
the house was cleaned. – [Mike] Yeah, it looks like it. – [Nicole] Oh, it smells clean. – [Jenni] No way! – [Mike] Oh wow. – [Vinny] Oh my God,
what are you doing here? What the hell is my
mom doing in the middle of the kitchen right now in Miami? – I’ve been calling you for a month you don’t pick up the phone. I said what’s the next best thing, right? – Right now I’m in shock seeing my mom but once the shock wears off, this is the best surprise ever. – Are you happy to see me? – I’m happy to see you but I don’t know how happy I am for you to
be in this crazy house. – Why? – Because they’re crazy in here. – Where’s the music, god bless (beep). – Uncle Nino’s in the back! – Oh my God, are you kidding me? Why did you bring him? I know everyone loves Uncle
Nino and I know he’s fun, but he’s the most annoying
mother (beep) that exists. – Hey what are you doing in my house? – [Jenni] Uncle Nino! – What the (beep) are you doing? – Don’t bother my girl. – He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, you can’t understand what he’s saying. – [Nicole] I see your balls. – No. – His body is offensive,
his tan is offensive. You can’t take him in public. – What’s up bro? Yeah, what’s up, you look tan, you look good, you got burned out there? Oh my God. – What the (beep)
– Uncle Nino. I never thought I’d see the day where we’re in the confessional together. – Jesus forgive me of my sins. – Yes, you are forgiven. – My craziness and for my– – Alright, I gotta go I’m hungry. – Yeah, we gotta go
eat, God bless America. – [Vinny] Is this from– – [Mom] Yeah. – My favorite olives. – His favorite olives, they’re caseri. He’s more excited over the food than me. – Seeing my mom in the kitchen with all the food that she’s making, I’m happy for myself that my mom is here but I’m actually more happy for Mike. – [Mike] Oh, oh, oh. – Oh Mike.
– Oh, oh, oh. – I thought Mike was on a diet. – He on a seafood diet. He sees food, he eats it. – Oh my God, this is so awesome. We have mozzarella, cheeses,
prosciutto, sopressat, peppers, garlic bread, and
that’s just the first course. Oh my God. – Look at Mike going in. – [Mike] I’m going in right now. – Mike.
– Calm down. – [Vinny] Ma look, what I’d tell you? – [Nicole] Look at Mike. – Oh, good for you, God
bless you, we got plenty. – Us Italians, we know how to feast. This is the best surprise that we could come home to, oh my God, it is. – I brought everything from Staten Island. – Oh I figured. Oh my God, everything’s so delicious. Forget the yachts, forget
the trips to the Bahamas, I want the second course,
which is fettuccine okay? Yes.
– So, if you want to add cheese you add cheese, alright? – Oh man.
– More sauce. – Oh my. (beep) – [Vinny] Now he’s cutting
his with a knife and fork. – Oh my God.
– ‘Cause he’s seven. (laughs) – And now the third
course and not the last freshly fried chicken cutlets. – Oh my God another round? – Oh my God.
– Oh my God. – With mashed potatoes, tomato salad, and don’t want to forget
the lemon and onion salad. Tell me where that. (mumbles) Oh, I don’t want to forget the funfetti cake which is my favorite. I love funfetti cakes, it’s my favorites. As you could tell.