The best part about dinner is dessert. I’m here with Chef Adam in the Vitamix headquarters and he’s gonna show me how to make a two-ingredient,
dairy-free frozen dessert. [music] Yes. Excellent. So big key about frozen desserts
is it’s a ratio. -The ratio!
-The ratio. One cup of liquid. It could be almond milk,
which we have here. If you wanted yogurt, you could use yogurt. If you wanted orange juice, you could use
orange juice. We were originally going to use yogurt. And I’m like, Adam, dude, I don’t eat any
dairy, at all. He’s like, woah, you don’t need to. You can
use almond milk. I’m like, are you serious? I didn’t know that.
Perfect! -Almond milk.
-Almond milk. And then, easiest way. A pound of berries. Frozen strawberries, right in there. So two ingredients, you can keep that in there. And then you have your milk. Perfect. So, tamper ready. We’re gonna use the frozen
dessert program so that it’s nice and easy. We’re gonna use the tamper. How you tamper, you might need less time. So I tamper really well. It’s really quick.
I want to be done with it. So probably less time. If you don’t use the tamper as effectively,
then you could use the full time. So, get it all ready. Turn it on. Start processing it through. [blending] So going to the corners. Works out perfectly. In the corners, pushing it on the inside. And you hear that gurgle, the grinding. Perfect. [blending] It sounds bad. But it’s actually good. It’s
a good sound. Yes. [blending] So as we are looking at it, it’s pretty much
ready. I’m just making sure the seeds are processed
through on the strawberries. So we can go with that now. Did we let the program run? I stopped it a little early because I can
watch it. Cause you’re good with the tamper. You wanna do it over your head? Yeah! Okay, it’s a god thing it worked cause we
have more work to do and I’m wearing a white shirt. -Wow!
-So nice and solid frozen. -Works perfectly.
-Incredible. Scoop it out. Ready to go. -That is beautiful.
-That is perfect. If you’re going to do this ahead of time,
pre-portion them like that then set them in the freezer. Don’t put it in a container because it’s not
aerated enough. So it will freeze solid in another container. So then you won’t be able to scoop it easily
or things like that. So pre-portion them. Set them out. Then when you’re ready to serve it after dinner
or whatever, pull it out five or ten minutes early so it softens up. -So you can eat this right now.
-Right. And it would be delicious and frozen. Yes, I want to eat this right now. Yum! I can taste the insides of the strawberries. And you could also add toppings to this if
you want. -Like chocolate.
-You could add chocolate. You could add some sweeteners if you wanted
to. So honey is always a great sweetener. Or vanilla extract, vanilla bean, things like
that. Some people like it really sweet, they might
want to add honey. Yeah, this is just a great, simple dessert.
If you have the two ingredients, you can switch out whatever kind of berry you wanted also,
as long as you have a pound of the berries, then you’re good. Amazing. And, is any different if you have
the squat container like on a Pro 750? It will work with this ratio. The one-to-one.
The one cup to one pound. But, it doesn’t funnel through and doesn’t
process well. So we go one and a half cup to one and a half
pound to make sure we’re getting that flow. The vortex coming through, getting the mounds
going, things like that. So, again, we’re looking at it, one and a
half cups vs pound and a half. So this is where, like, if you have a larger
family or something like that. You know, you’re like, okay, we’re gonna eat
this all, or I’m going to pre-portion it. -So, yeah, if you have a dinner party.
-Yeah. This is the great last-second addition. You know, you might be like, hey, you know
what, just pull this out, you’re done in 20 seconds. -Super simple.
-Yeah. You’re impressing all your friends. Making it fresh. You don’t even need to have
it ready. It’s impressive just to do the demonstration for everyone. Pull it out. Put the berries right in, and
you’re good to go. -Aright.
-So. Again. We’re using the frozen dessert program. And so again, just processing it through.
The good thing about using frozen berries instead of ice is that it actually is creamier
than if you’re using ice. [blending] -So again, a little bit faster, nice and solid.
-Perfect. So as you work with it, it’s really simple
and easy to do. Aright. Frozen desserts with a Vitamix. Two
ingredients. -Super easy.
-Super easy. Non-dairy. And if you’re not doing it today, it’s cool.
Because Life is NOYOKE. That’s it. Let’s eat. [beep] -Don’t give me that filthy look.
-He’s processing. That’s my thinking face. Yeah. [beep] That was great. Really good. And this is delicious.