Hi guys, welcome to this week’s vlog! It’s now Saturday morning and what do we eat as breakfast on weekends? Pancakes! Okay, so I’ll take all the necessities to make the pancakes. I’m just gonna add some flour first… crack some eggs And just some milk In the meantime I’m already gonna boil
some water to make tea. The last one we bought from T2 was
Singapore breakfast and its a really nice tea. Very nice! Robin is making me a pancake… Wow… Special shape! Yay, the clean-up afterwards is always the fun part… But we’re gonna skip it today because we’re headed to the fresh food market in Camberwell. Ready? Okay so we’re at Woolworths now and we have a found recipe we really want to make so now we’re going to do some grocery
shopping. Okay I think we got everything to make the recipe, we wanted to make for this weekend. So we’re going to head to the the cash register Are you ready to see the result?
I just put the broccoli and asparagus on the plate then I have to finish it with the
rosties. Doesn’t it look great? Very good! Today we took a one-hour train drive to Batman station because we’re going to inspect some cars We just arrived at the first car dealership and we’re going to look at a Holden Astra. This is the first car guys Now this is the second card we’re trying and the car dealer asked if we want to take a test drive, so we’re gonna do that now. We just did the test-drive and now we’re
looking at the inside of the car a bit looking for any defaults or anything like that. So this is the driver’s seat, which would be my seat. And if we put the seats down we have like a huge trunk to sleep in. So it’s definitely roadtrip-worthy. We went to see another holden Zafira but
it was a no-go for us so we went back immediately to check the Volvo out again.
So now we’re gonna take some time we’re gonna go home, do some more data checking online, talk it over with some of our friends and parents. Because we don’t want to rush this decision. And in a few days time maybe we’ll give him a call to
let him know that we want to buy the car. Good morning everyone! We’re now standing in the Docklands and we’re gonna walk around a bit today. It’s a big opening of the new shopping centre here at the Docklands and for that occasion
they have some special events and promotions. We’re almost at the top guys! Welcome back guys! Hope you enjoyed it up there. Just mind the gap, you can head on down the ramp. Thank you very much and see you around. So we just went on the Melbourne star
observation wheel and the views were pretty impressive. Now it’s pretty cool that we got to go for free especially if you consider that normally tickets are twenty seven dollars for an adult Time for some lunch in between shopping! Some dessert? So we’ve seen pretty much everything
here in the Docklands. We had a good lunch and a nice dessert, so now we’re headed back to the CBD to do some more shopping. I meant sightseeing and window shopping of course. As you can see the weather has taken a
change for the worse so we’re headed back home. We really wish we had the car already As you can see we’re stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm so we’re gonna wait a bit and hope it weathers out. We were fortunate enough that some helpful guy decided to take us on a rideride to Auburn station and now it’s about 200 meters and we think we’re gonna have to run. Right guys, we made it back home. As you
can see we change into a set of dry clothes. Now if you ever hear a Melbournian talk about four seasons in a day this is what they mean. This morning it was 28 degrees out and just a few minutes ago it was pouring and a
thunderstorm like you can’t imagine. So now we’re gonna watch some Netflix and drink a cup of tea, so we’ll leave you guys for this week. We hope to see you in the next video. As always remember to subscribe, like and comment and see you next week guys! Bye.