I’m working with my friend on a project: @cockercookie ☼ Today I’m visiting a new mall It’s a very big place but not a very cool place ☺ I love this van ✌ The only shop I’ve liked: H&M Home Waiting for the bus to come ♫ I bought these two cups, they are very cute I also bought this plate to put my earrings on it ☾ I need to re organize my earrings hahah Today I’m going to the library and then I’m meeting a friend Koro is the best ☼ Ikea cute plant ❀ I’m very tired -.- Good morning ♫ Choosing my outfit for today Its October but in my city we still have a hot weather ☹ I’m re organizing my earrings Much better ☼ I’m meeting my friend, we’re going for a walk woooah (ok, I don’t know hahah) I love these cookies ☺ Garlic knots and potatoes hahah I need to place my shelf I love this book, there’s a lot of aesthetic illustrations ☾ ☾ ☾ yaaaay ✩ Watering my plant ❀ I study interior design :’) I meet my friend and my sister to have a “fangirl” afternoon together hahah ♥ I love cute halloween stuff hahaha ☺