My name is Flor I am the owner of the pastry shop Limón y Merengue. My story as pastry-chef started long time ago, when in my family I was requested to further my studies, for them it was unacceptable that a family member did not have a university degree. Therefore, I spent 6 years studying Technical Architecture (Engineering sector) at the university, that I never liked. Nevertheless, I finished my studies and I took a degree in Technical Architecture. My university studies provided me with a lot of life knowledge, for instance, I learnt to be very accurate and persistent. Nevertheless, my family has been always dealing with gastronomy. We had a restaurant. One day a client gave me a bed review of a dessert; and I knew he was right about it, as the dessert, that is supposed to be the cherry on top of every lunch or dinner, was a real disaster! On the same period, some friends came to visit me and one of them gave me a brownie recipe…so I cooked one: I took some chocolate, I put it over a strong heat, it got burned, I baked the brownie and ate it. From then, I discovered my passion for pastry-making. I was really willing to study and learn more and more. I started from scratch, with no idea about pastry-making, learning as an autodidactic, by try and error all the time. All the competences that I had acquired at the university, could be also applied in this field; being accurate, following the rules, taking great care of weights, composition, colors, the visual elements, the balance; pastry-making is made of many elements, that aim at generating an “explosive” impact on clients’ mind, bringing to them some memories from childhood, a smell, a flavor. It is the cherry on top of every lunch or dinner. I started this profession as an amateur, at home. I guess, as many other colleagues in this field or any person who is passionate about something, I started by trying and making errors, at home. I started cooking cakes using my hoven, my stove, the tools and molds that I had, improvising and trying to do my best. Any time that we had an extra-income, we invested this money in buying new cooking tools and ingredients, until one day we realized that there was not enough space in hour house. So, we decided to start our own business and to open the pastry shop Limón y Merengue. The concept of our business is quite original, we wanted to offer a new product in the local market, the project was a bit ambitious but we bet on it, we put all our efforts and spirit in it, and now, after four years, we have started reaping the fruits of our efforts. We make a lot of sacrifices, more every day. It is necessary to think about a brand, to take care of the product, to try to keep a constant quality level; all the product have to be of high quality, always. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly work and take care of everything, from the product that is stocked in the display cabinet, to the one that is kept in the workshop, to the one that is being just made. When we received an order, we always ask the client about the place is headed to, to know the more suitable way to deliver the order; the way change according to the distance; delivering a cake that will be eaten in 2 hours will be done in a different way than for a cake, headed to Madrid. All this care makes us a special company, that takes great care of its clients: and the clients appreciate it. The word of mouth works a lot for us: people come here because has been told about our shop by others or have tasted some products in some occasion. So we are seeing the results of our work. Concerning the working time schedule, I can say it is almost all-day long. When you have a company, you have to be available twenty-four-seven. But I get rewarded with the good reviews. I feel satisfied when a client come to say that he/she really liked the product; and this is what reward me for the effort to be here, at any time. I think that everyone should be devoted to his/her own job; you cannot get satisfaction from easy work. Young people that aim to work as a pastry chef, have to study. Training and education are fundamental to me. I do not refer only to have a VET degree in pastry, I do not have it, for instance, but, nevertheless, I searched and studied in the best schools, training for 30 hours in 3 days, for instance, trying to make time and maximize it. So, I decided training myself with the best teachers; and I can see the results thought he quality of my products, clients see it, I share my experience with my colleagues form other parts of Spain and all over the word. Training has no end. It fundamental. I only leave the workshop only two times per year, to train myself in Catalonia. If you want to go far and progress, you have to improve yourself constantly, in order to offer always different products.