Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert, with a Bedouin guide. Two hours off the
Great Desert Highway, leave the last signs of life
back at the village of Rum. Say “No, thank you” to the
hotel and the luxury tent, with its beds,
cushions, and plumbing. Your Bedouin make camp at the
base of a layered desert bluff. Dress for the cool air. Wrap your head in a checkered,
red-and-white keffiyeh. Help with dinner,
grilling chicken and eating with your hands. Have a glass of tea as sweet
as candy, sitting on rugs and conversing until
the fire is gone. The Bedouin have
lived and wandered this desert with their animal
herds for thousands of years. For the true
wilderness of Wadi Rum, sleep outside in the vast
vacancy of the world. Let your eyes take
in the midnight sky, as the colossal cosmos
comes into focus.