– Hi guys, so there is
something that is so comforting about warm desserts. And today, I’m gonna show
you how to make two of them in a cast iron skillet
and serve oven to table. How cool is that? (upbeat music) So the first skillet
dessert that I’m gonna make is a s’mores dip. I am getting so excited about this, because I love s’mores Oh my gosh, they are so good. I’m using a cast iron
skillet because as mentioned this is a great dessert to take
from the oven to the table. And when you use a cast iron skillet, it stays hotter longer. So I’m gonna add some cream, I’m warming up my cream and
you’ll know that it’s ready when it starts to steam. I’m gonna add my chocolate chips. So you don’t wanna stir right now, you want the cream to start
to melt the chocolate first, and then I’ll start stirring. So my chocolate looks like it’s melted, now I’m just gonna start
giving this a stir. We’re starting to create
a dip, a s’mores dip. What’s so great about this dessert is you don’t need a
campfire to make s’mores. You can do this in your home. I thought I’d wear this shirt, ’cause it looks like marshmallows. You know, we’re making s’mores. If you guys watch all of my videos, you can see I kind of wear clothes that match with the theme
of whatever I’m cooking. Just a little behind the scenes info. Now you can’t have s’mores
without marshmallows, so that’s what I’m gonna do next. I’m gonna add a layer
of these marshmallows. Marshmallows are just so
cute, and fluffy, and fun. Kids love them, my son loves them. I remember as a child, I would
literally eat the whole bag, a whole bag of these. And then my stomach would hurt afterwards and wonder why (laughs). I was a kid, you know? Try to get in as many
marshmallows as you can, because when you dip in the s’mores dip, you don’t want it to just be chocolate. You wanna get chocolate and marshmallows. So to toast this, I’m gonna go ahead and
throw this under a broiler. But make sure you don’t
leave, you wanna watch it. All right, so I’ve taken my
s’mores dip out of the oven. It has a really nice
char on the marshmallows. And I like to serve this
with graham crackers, so let’s get to it. Oh my gosh, let’s do this. Look at that (gasps). Woo-hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. Look at that chocolate and marshmallows, amazing. Now onto my apple crisp in a skillet. So in front of me, I have some
apples that I thinly sliced. So it’s nice and thin,
just the way I like it. And I’m doing that because
when you have thin apples, it’ll cook faster. Not only that, you can get
more apples into your skillet making it really nice and dense. Now I’m just gonna add some
goodness to these apples. I’m gonna add some honey, I love honey. I put honey in everything. I even put honey in my coffee. Some people think that’s weird,
but I love me some honey. I have it every single day. I’m gonna add some cinnamon. I wonder if it’s mood booster. You know how chocolate is a mood booster, let me know in the comments below. I’m gonna add some nutmeg and some salt. The salt just brings out the flavors taking it to another level. I’m just gonna mix this. Make sure that the apples
are coated with the cinnamon, and the nutmeg, and the honey. It’s so easy, you guys are gonna thank me. Now I’m just gonna dump
it all into my skillet that I’ve greased with butter. So I wanna create a
really nice layer here, and I don’t want too many holes, because I don’t want my
crisp to seep through. I want all of that to stay on top. That’s looking awesome. If I only had one pan, I would definitely go for
the cast iron skillet. I mean, you can cook everything in this. You can cook desserts, you can
cook just basically anything. My brother, actually Taj, he’s really getting
into cooking right now. And he said that I inspired
him, so for Christmas one year, what I got him was. And I kind of see it as a fundamental for anyone who’s just starting to cook, is to get them a cast iron skillet. That’s exactly what I did for my brother, and he’s having loads of fun with it. Usually when I make my
crisps, I’ll throw my flour, my sugar, my butter,
all in a food processor. Well we’re gonna skip that step. I’m gonna make this so easy,
it’s gonna be like mind-blown. So what I’m using, are
some shortbread cookies. What I’ve done is put them
in a reusable plastic bag and I am going to pound away. So this is the quick fix approach. ♪ Quick fix ♪ And you don’t need a food processor. So you see, we have this
really nice crumble. To bind all of this together, I’m gonna use some melted butter, and I’m just gonna pour into the bag. This is less mess, ’cause
there’s less dishes. I mean, sometimes those food processors it can be a little much. We love them, but there’s a
lot of pieces to that to clean. Gonna close this again and just
give it a really nice shake. Sprinkle this on top. It’s just like as if you were to put it in
a food processor, amazing. So now I’m gonna put this
in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. This smells so good, I just
love the way warm apples smell throughout the house, oh my gosh. I cannot wait to see what this looks like. Okay, let’s dive in. You see the steam coming out. Ah, it’s so nice and warm. I’m gonna add some whip cream. And you know, you could add
ice cream to this if you want. This looks so amazing. Not only does it look
amazing, it tastes great, the house is smelling
great, I hope you’ve enjoyed my skillet desserts. Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite. Make sure you subscribe
to Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, and I’ll see you guys next week, bye. Hey guys, what’s up? So I am actually backstage at my new show, Family Reunion, for Netflix. I’m filming and before I get
to that I just wanna say. Oh there’s Cory. Cory, say hi. – Who you talking to there? – Tia Mowry’s Quick Fixers. – Hey guys. – What’s up? – Hi guys, take it easy. – I’m actually gonna be
taking a little bit of a break from Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. Don’t worry, it’ll only
be for a few weeks. You guys, we have built such
an incredible community here. I have so much fun shooting
these videos for you. I’m always looking in the comments seeing what you guys want from me. So I just wanted to tell you, that I’m gonna be taking
a little bit of a break. Let me know in the comments below what you want some of the videos to be. You guys rock. I cannot wait to see you guys again, bye.