Courtney Kubu is the two
thousand nineteen South Carolina Watermelon Queen. So
Courtney you are going to represent South Carolina and do
promotional work for watermelons. Why is it important
for us to do that? So watermelon is a profitable
crop for many of the South Carolina farmers. And so what are some of the things you’re going to do to let people know
about that? So I’ll go out and I will do some festivals, parades, a lot of the field days. Mainly my job is to
go out and promote the products for the farmers. Okay
and watermelon taste wonderful. And what can we tell people
besides the fact that has such a good flavor. So there’s great
economic benefits from it. You can feed around twelve people from it you can
also get great vitamins vitamins A, B-Six, C, lycopene and it is a heart healthy fruit. So that’s a good stamp to look for also. Okay. Some of the things that ya’ll have been doing are encouraging people to use
watermelon instead of a sports drink. Yes ma’am! So a lot of
people aren’t aware of how nutritious they are. A watermelon is made up of ninety two percent water. And so instead of having the sports drinks after a sporting event
you should eat a piece of watermelon It’s a great way to refuel. It
helps with cramps and there also isn’t all the added sugars.
Watermelon has natural sugars so that’s another great perk of
it. Now sometimes ya’ll are going to
some public schools or schools where kids are having field
days how do you give a watermelon on those events? So
there’s many different ways you can cut up a watermelon but what
how we do is we’ll cut it in half and
then we’ll quarter it. And then we’ll cut those slices, and from those slices we’ll hand
it to them. And they love it. It’s one of their favorite
things to look for. And I believe that you take seedless
watermelon so they’re not spitting seeds all over the playground. Yes. They do. And that is one of the things they’re like, ‘Does this have seeds in it?’ We’re like, ‘No, these are seedless! because that is what a lot of the farmers are growing
now are the seedless. And then also you go to big fancy
sporting events. Tell us how you give the watermelon out there. So far we actually were at Cooper river bridge run and if
there we had small individual packed watermelons I think there is around forty four thousand cups that we
handed out to all the runners at the end. And they were very very
appreciative of it and said it was awesome to see them enjoying
the watermelon. I think that’s really exciting and I
think you got an event coming up that you’re going to do in
Washington D.C. We’re going to be at Marine Corps
Marathon which I’m excited because all my sister queens
will be there. So I’ll get to see them again. Some of the things you can do besides just having a
great watermelon and cutting it and
enjoying it is you can make some specialty desserts out of it so what are we going to do today? So today we’re going to be making the
parfait which is one of our very popular ones. But if you
also go onto you can find anything from sweet
to savory so you can find grilled watermelon recipes, you can find salad recipes. You can find kabob recipes, There’s so many
things you can do it’s a very versatile fruit. Well let’s see
what we can do today right here. Okay so I’ll let you
do that side. And then I’ll do this. So you’re gonna start and
put the. This is just a vanilla yogurt and you’re gonna put it in the bottom. Okay. Okay. Okay and then after that
you’re not the granola. So we’re gonna have crunch. Yes! All kinds of different textures This is going to be fun. It is. It’s awesome. Okay! Okay and then the peach. Okay peach. I think it helps with the
flavors. I was really shocked about it
too when I was first doing this recipe. So we have two very
important fruit crops in South Carolina mixing together right
here. So then I’m gonna add the Rice
Krispies. So give it another little crunch
in there. And then the watermelon, which I
say the more the merrier because who doesn’t want
watermelon. So put a little extra on there for ya! And then also the coconut Mmmmm! Gosh! This is better and better. With these flavors you can really do anything. So you can add chocolate chips to it you can add things like that to kind of
change it up. These are the almonds. Crumbled up cookies. Yeah I bet that’ll be good. That’ll be fun too. So and then there you have it. We also have this one right there too. It’s a little prettier than ours
but you’ll have to taste and let them know how it is. Now we have a watermelon here and a
lot of people if they want to go get a watermelon just eat or to make this recipe with aren’t real sure how to pick out
a watermelon. Yes. How do you do it? How do you pick out yours? Well I generally roll them and look for the color on the belly. Okay so that is one of the steps. So we tell people Look, lift and turn. Okay! So the first step you want
to look and make sure there’s no dents or bruises or cuts on it. Does it pass test one. Yes it does. This is a beautiful melon. Okay! Next you want
to lift it since it is ninety two percent water Waaa! ..sure it’s heavy for it’s size. It is very heavy. Passed test two. So then you want to turn it for your yellow underbelly That’s called the field spot and that means it has sat out in the sun long enough to ripen. That one is a good watermelon Well, I am so excited to think
that watermelon season is coming that when we get certified South Carolina
watermelons we’re helping our South Carolina farmers and that
we’re going to get all these nutritional benefits too. Mmm hmm. So the South Carolina watermelon season is from mid June to mid August with July fourth being our peak. So it’s a great time to go out and get one. And tell us again where we can
go to get more ideas and more information on watermelon. they also have recipes and they have some more fun
flavors and things like that on there. And there’s other ways you can
cut it and display it for if you’re having fourth of July
party, if you’re having a kids party. So there’s all sorts of
things you can do with it. Well, I can’t wait to look there and get ideas and I want to thank you for sharing your ideas with us today. No problem Thank ya’ll for having me.