Namaskar!!What’s up!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good here I was on live yesterday and there were so many followers online Above 7000 people were online that time and so you can guess the speed of comments reaching me So that I couldn’t say hi to so many people I tried my best to respond to everyone I could and I’m really sorry for the people to whom I couldn’t say “hi” Will be coming “live” on next month again I’ll tell you the date and time later It becomes boring if I come live frequently Those who missed yesterday,try to be online on next live episode I’ll be informing you all a week before the live episode A person named,Aneesh Sivadas,was sending me so many messages yesterday But I couldn’t realize the content of his messages because it was scrolling so fast on the screen It was something related with his baby’s name and I suggested the name “Agni” After the “live” my friends explained about that message in detail I couldn’t go through every messages when I’m on live Aneesh was blessed with a baby and he was asking me to suggest a good name for the baby So Aneesh,if you want to ask me something,please send a message to my CW page in FB Today I’m going to make a simple refreshing dessert using watermelon We can call it as watermelon snow balls I’ve also said some more points in this video So please don’t forget to watch the video and try the dessert Send your feedback after that Now let’s see how to make this easy watermelon snowballs I don’t know what to call this item,but I used to call it as watermelon snow balls Everyone likes specially kids love watermelon very much But there are some kids who doesn’t like watermelon that much.I know some kids who hates watermelon even in my family I had bought one melon scoop long back It is available in all super markets and I bought it from Lulu Its the smaller size of our ice cream scoop It is available in 2 types.One like this and the other has 2 scoops with 2 sizes on both the ends So you can buy any one of them Ask the sales man melon scoop and he will get it for you You will get a nice round shapes if you use a melon scoop or you can use a small spoon to shape this watermelon If you serve watermelon to the kids like this,they will eat it for sure They might get attracted to it if you serve it in a new look and taste Even elder people also gets interest to have it Its a refreshing fruit which has so much of water content in it and which is best to have during summer season We can take cucumber among the vegetables which has the same nature like a watermelon We can have this watermelon in different forms like crushed form,juice etc I’m going to show you one of the forms by which we can have this watermelon So take a scoop like this and make round balls gently using the scoop You can make use of ice cream scoop with which you will get large balls Like this we can make small balls Put it into a bowl and try to make maximum balls out of this whole watermelon I bought this from “spinnies” and it is really sweet with less seeds in it I used to buy small watermelons only because on one in this house likes it that much So if I bought a small one I can finish it within 2 days.If you keep it for long period,the freshness may get lost So make balls and keep it in a bowl like this I took this watermelon out from the fridge just now and so it is really cool now If you are using watermelons which has been kept outside,you can make the balls and keep the balls in the fridge to get it cool enough.Or you can keep it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes You can prepare the balls earlier and you can roll it in the sugar just before you serve it Do not keep the balls for more time or else you may lost its freshness So please do have it as soon as you make it Most of the seeds will be removed when you do this scoops Or remove the seeds using a knife or spoon Let me scoop the whole watermelon SO I have made the maximum nuber of balls from this I don’t want to keep it again in the fridge because its cool enough I’m going to serve itnow itself My elder son is here so I’m going to give it to him Now the remaining portions can be mixed together Scoop makes it easy for you You can add some sugar into it and have it from itself.Its really tasty In my childhood,I loved to eat these watermelon and cucumber in this way My mother used to crush the watermelon and add some sugar and mix them all together and serve it I never had watermelon juice in my childhood I love to have it with small pieces to bite So with that we can have some pieces and some juice and can have it from this itself its such a refreshing fruit When I went for the vacation last year,it was the time of ramzan So bunches of fruits are available everywhere When my father bought some fruits to home,one watermelon was also there I kept the watermelon on the kitchen counter thinking that to cut it on the next day On the next day,when I went to cut it,I saw that some kind of foams coming out of it I had posted the pic of it in my fb that time When my father asked about it to the shop keeper,he said he has no idea about it After that I didn’t bought water melon from my hometown We don’t know about the chemicals people used to inject in such fruits to get dark colour and ripe quickly So please be careful while buying fruits from the market I believe that it has no such problems with the fruits available here I’m going to add some sugar into these It would be yummy if you have it like this way I’ve added only 1 tsp of sugar into it.Let me taste it now Its really sweet.The watermelon itself is so sweet and the sugar increases the sweetness to the next level Adding sugar is only optional You can enhance the taste of this watermelon crush by adding 2-3 drops of lemon juice and some mint leave into it Let me add some drops of lemon juice into it.DO not add more ,it may tastes different If you have mint leaves,you can add them too so that you can make different version of watermelon crush So the watermelon crush is ready here.Let me taste it one more time Its really delicious….. Now we need to roll these balls in sugar When you roll this in sugar it makes the kids attracted towards it Sometimes they request you to make this balls again and again For elderly people,you can serve it without rolling in the sugar In a lemon juice added with sugar or honey with some mint leaves,you can put these frozen balls into it instead of ice cubes and serve it as a refreshing drink So in this single video,I’ve explained 3 recipes to you Please do try all the 3 recipe Now let’s roll them in the sugar Please roll the balls just before you serve it Or else the sugar may dissolve and it may lost its beauty No need to roll it with more sugar and its just for the nice look and thereby increase the taste of it So roll it in sugar just before you serve it You can use brown sugar also for this It looks good and tastes good People who are very much health conscious please ignore this step Kids may love to eat it because of its beauty I don’t love sweetness that much but I love to eat this It was introduced to me by my friend Sunu She used to prepare it frequently We can serve this as a dessert to an unexpected guest She used to call it snow balls You can call it anything It looks similar to the “thean nilavu” which I made long back Let me roll it in the sugar Like the snow fall,sprinkle some sugar gently over the balls So we can call it as snow balls This method would be better than rolling them in the sugar So let me pour this into the whole balls and don’t add the sugar so early It won’t look nice if the sugar dissolves in it and the freshness also get lost Do not keep the balls out of the fridge for long it may get spoiled very quickly Now let’s transfer this into a serving bowl If you have a skewer you can use it for a nice presentation We can make such balls with any melon rather than watermelon So the easy and tasty watermelon snowballs are ready here Watermelon crush is also ready here So please do try both the recipes And send your feedback also See you all with a new recipe and till then,thank you sooo much… “Nandu,sit properly” Is this the way to study Tell me the answer I’m getting mad!!!!! Sit properly son.You have to keep your spinal cord straight when you study Sit properly You are wasting my time.. Be a good boy and sit properly on the floor I’m shooting here all your activities Sit properly Nandu,please don’t hurt your brother