-So, they’re reporting
that this is one of the most powerful hurricanes
ever to hit our country. Is that actually a fact?
-Apparently, President Trump, in private conversations
with his staff, had asked the question
or posed the question, “Can we nuke a hurricane
to break it down, to destroy it, before it makes landfall
and does damage?” Of course, hurricanes
are billion-dollar weather disasters in many cases. Hurricanes can cause tremendous
damage to life and property. There have been serious
scientists who have looked at this
and thought about this dating back to the 1930s. However, what we’ve
learned about hurricanes is that hurricanes contain
a tremendous amount of energy on multiple orders
of magnitude greater than any nuclear bomb. So, a nuclear bomb is but
a pinprick compared to the energy
that a hurricane contains. So, if you put a nuclear bomb
at the hurricane, it will probably have little
to no affect, and not only that, you’d then
make the hurricane radioactive. In other words, you’d be raining
down radioactive material into the oceans
and damaging ocean life, so it’d be a really bad thing. It’d probably have no effect
on the storm itself, but would have a lot of
damaging peripheral effect in terms of the environment. Hurricanes serve
an important function, and they transfer heat from
the equator towards the poles. So, if you somehow were able
to disrupt them, you’re therefore sort of playing
a game with the climate system, and you don’t know what
the unintended consequences of that might be. So, scientists think we have
to be a little bit careful about when we start altering
nature, what we might do, and how that might affect
where rain will be falling, whether that might cause
droughts in some areas, floods in other areas, by changing one of
the most fundamental ways that we transfer heat pole-ward
from the tropics.