[Music] wearethedavises What’s up? Hi! and yeah we’re super stoked super excited thrilled! because it is officially summer break yeah sorry for those of you who are still at school ha ha ha you guys are still in school ha ha and we do have some really important news but first before we tell that we want to let you know that we are so thankful that you guys have been following us and we love your comments thank you guys so much and we’re getting ready to get out of here we’re going to go see Disney World yeah we’re going to see Disney World and I don’t know whether there are new rides that you want to go check out Tyler’s on this I want to go and roller coasters kick now he’s excited he’s addicted to roller coasters Kayla just got back from a spin night party so she’s outside playing with the doggies let’s go check on her real quick hello hi baby the puppies are playing with Kayla oh look at that big dirt hole that they’re making that’s not good they were trying to find something he’s playing in it yeah are you out here playing on the trampoline? no just hanging out with the puppies? writing stuff with the calculator I had to have the whole annular like the one like a handheld yeah so that you could do like hello and stuff are you ready to go to Orlando? nah go party go see Mickey yeah we’ll see what we could fit in we got to get finished packing so we can head out cos it’s going to be like 2 hours drive why don’t you help us finish getting packed cos I think your bag is the only one left that we got to do no I heard a snap what happened? I just shocked myself Oh, it was a shock? yes it sound like a broken fingers snap Kayla’s got a fidget cube let’s show ’em how long ago has the fidget cube been around? I don’t know probably everybody’s just getting them a little bit more popular now it has like a little switch and it has…I don’t know what to call this but you can like spin that or you can spin this one and then I don’t really know what that was for and then joystick! you can spin this little bob you can push it in here new! you can spin this little gears and there are little buttons on this side sometimes they click did you have fun after you spend your night yeah yeah girl time we didn’t do a lot though because it’s raining and it was it’s gonna kind of bummed and I had to leave early because they were going to go do all the stuff that we were planning on doing yesterday and today because but we already planned our trip so unfortunately now, we got to get ready I was trying to let you take a
nap I told her to take a nap and I think she stuck on her computer and played on it so now I’m gonna have a little crabby girl maybe maybe should be good she seems alright so far right we are grabbing the last few items that we need to hit the road suitcases down here people over here got toothpaste can’t leave without the toothpaste then it’s a two-hour drive for us five seconds for you but before we leave, we haven’t done this in a while. we love all the fan mail that we get you guys are super awesome for sending us stuff we love it we still have all of it Kayla put the stuff on her mirror and just real quick we got one of these packages I wanted to share before we hit the road this is from Charlotte and Charlotte wanted to give Kayla something so let’s see what she gave Kayla it’s so cute look at how cute it is so cute Thank you Charlotte I love it. Thank you Charlotte and then Charlotte left a wonderful little note for Kayla but that’s a secret so Kayla will read it to herself but Charlotte you know who you are so thank you so much we love it super sweet thank you time for us to hit the road we are back at Pet paradise and we’re dropping the babies off so that we can go to Disney World [Music] bye puppies we made it into Hotel ha and unfortunately we left some stuff at home so Shawn’s driving all the way back home right now we don’t have to add you with this but we’re going to go ahead and get checked into our room and then I guess we’re get it Uber over to one of the Disney parks and check out what’s going on around here and we still have news to tell you guys so remind me to tell you guys I got to remember tell them what? big news we have big news big news you don’t think so because you already know it but they don’t you guys don’t know so we’re going to tell you guys here yeah big news what’s going to happen next I I don’t know right now it’s going to be going to our room it’s a party in the room it’s a party in the room we’re in the 3rd floor it’s a party in the room hey it’s my bed shoes off the bed boy I got a whole full on-desk here I am going to be editing room service room service where is the phone? we get a view of all Orlando gosh! I see a tree for days that’s Florida for you what else is in this place? we get a TV so I can watch TV while I’m working mmm let’s see and then we get a refrigerator what else do we have? I need a bathroom you need a bathroom? [Music] can you guys guess where we are? look at that! we shrunk yourself there’s a little store behind the camera we’re gonna see some cool stuff we are gonna do a little bit of shopping and see what type of cool stuff there is everywhere in Epcot and yeah unfortunately Shawn’s driving back home to get some of our stuff that we left behind darn it but he will be here tomorrow he’ll be back in a couple hours actually he won’t even realize hey but it’s big back then Mickey is black and white he looks depressing he looks depressing? yeah would you guys rather have a colorful or a black-and-white look I just turn the camera black and white color black and white color black and white OK so now we’re going to go to Starbucks we’re going to see if they have any Disney drink yeah all the way to Epcot and we’re going to Starbucks you’re in charge of asking ’em we’re gonna ask him for a Mickey latte a Mickey latte a Mickey frappuccino do you guys have Mickey latte? with goofy and just a little bit of minnows it’s actually goofy’s birthday oh okay Kayla sorry no Mickey latte for you why don’t you tell him what you want it was so sweet he can’t get us a Mickey latte but he got me a vanilla on and then look at what Tyler took out it’s a Mickey cupcake it’s so cute how’s that Mickey cupcake? whoa! what a umm oh my god look at that fountain is there something like one of this in Las Vegas or something? yes [Music] it’s gonna bite you it’s gonna bite you I lost my brother Tommy Junior [Music] well it’s the second day of our first vacation for summertime and I got my ears and there’s an helicopter we got some really fun shopping last night and then we just kind of ended it there so we’re going to go head back out here in a few minutes but we keep telling you we have this news and we haven’t told you yet so hopefully you guys are paying attention because you probably going to say this one time okay so it’s with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye because we’re going to be leaving all of our friends behind when we move to California yeah so we’re going to be saying goodbye to all of our friends and you know our fans and everybody that we met here in Florida so we’re just doing one last trip to Disney World cuz it happens to be close by to us so that we can say goodbye to Disney World too who knows what it’s going to be… we will probably be back to visit actually at least twice a year Disney World is too awesome to just leave but we are from California all of us were born there Shawn and I were raised there Kayla and Tyler came around now last couple years because as you know we are in Florida but yes all my time time is it our families in California I have some friends out there too and all my friends are out there almost except ones that we’ve made recently in the last couple years I have one friend out there Tyler was a lot younger so he doesn’t remember all the friends but I had one friend it’s just a couple of weeks we are going to be Californians not Floridians anymore so we wanted to say goodbye to everybody goodbye we are actually saying goodbye to Florida right yeah goodbye to everybody in Florida hello everybody in California everybody is still watching we sing goodbye to the area not the people that’s right we’re going to be making awesome videos and there’s a lot of people there that hopefully we get to meet some you know there’s a lot of movie stars big newspapers and stuff like that so we’re kind of excited oh my gosh! We can’t wait to show you all the stuff we’re going to go out there we’re going to blog some of that you get to see like these really cool shopping centers and it’s kind of girly going like on the girly right we got our shopping mall Oh my gosh Kayla we’re like all the shopping oh and then they have these great big Ferris wheels in every mall Ferris wheels and then the beaches the beaches are awesome out here too but the beaches out there have better surf so am sure the boys will be surfing I need to go surfing again yes! I tried to go surfing in Florida and it’s just too hard I got hit in the face by the surfing board I can’t wait to go back and do it again and hang out with the dolphins and stuffs they’re gonna go surfing and we’re gonna go shopping we’ll take you guys with us you can just let us know what you got a good shopping or would you rather go surfing so we just wanna go over there yeah! So we wanna let you guys know because it’s been coming up soon in case you’re gonna be watching like things disappear in our house and boxes are gonna be everywhere and as we can tell you you’d be like what’s going on and we’re going to get to fly there so hopefully we’ll get to show you that and it’s just gonna be a really unique adventure for us because we haven’t we’ve traveled across countries but we kind of did it in step and this time, it’s gonna be like a once yeah it’s one shot from Florida all the way to California and I haven’t been on a plane in a while too yeah plane scare me oh they all fear people are afraid of the plane it’s not that bad it’s just like taking off the taking off part and the landing part and the flying part oh..that really is cool when we get there it’s going to be like a camp out because all our stuffs going to be on a truck and we’re not going to have anything for like two weeks it’s going to be we’re gonna be roughing it yeah interesting we’re going to do so we’ll take you guys with us on that adventure and then we’ll just see what happens it’s gonna be fun we’re going to go to Disney World and we’re going to have some fun we’re going to the Magic Kingdom so we’re going to take you guys with us to let’s go because this is our last chance for now to go see Disney World alright, let’s go find Mickey see ya [Music] it’s gonna be bad Tyler is gonna make me go on that man [Music] so cool we get new stitch and I got my face tattooed with a butterfly and she’ got beautiful butterfly so where do you plan on going now? I don’t know so where should we go now? the boys are on a ride and we don’t want to go on it so the girls are adventuring out cos I don’t do rides Kayla is not a big fan of that [Music] so there’ s a circus here I didn’t think there was a circus here let’s go see it whoa do you know what’s that? I got strawberry that’s like a unicorn sushi that’s what I was gonna say it’s the unicorn sushi yummy yum does it taste magical? hmm hmm [Music] [Music] break time so here is island and Kayla is approaching to keep out sign it’s locked? yes, it’s locked arrgh [Music] we’re on Tom Sawyer island at Disney world and we’re just trekking around trying to figure out what trail to go on next Kayla is blazing the way Kayla is yes the leader of the pack today [Music] they are making a swerve we’re trying to get across this bridge arrgh that’s the point I want to go on it we did it you guys ready to move on to Disney springs? Disney spring baby let’s go they’ve got all kinds of cool stuff there they got food they got a cupcake ATM they got Lego races yeah Lego land Lego sorts Lego store at Lego store, they have people they have all kinds of different stuffs you guys need us in there so we’re gonna head there right and get some dinner and yes we’re gonna be there or be squared let’s go let’s go [Music] hey we just made it into the Goofy’s candy shop and they have many potteries in here arrrgh look at what they have they are sausages get the whole thing how much for this? no no? [Music] mommy’s embarrassed okay these are my treats I love this you have seen me before I can’t stop buying them why would you pick the whole thing? that will be probably like five hundred dollars per treat so you’re just gonna have this? I will just get like a 100 dollars worth of this see those yummy this might be last time I get them OK. There we go do I get one this time? yes, one only one thou only one [Music] I thought white crispy treat do that’s what I want for my birthday oh my gosh you guys we went crazy I gotta a gem stick you remember at the beginning we were talking about this big secret we had so if you didn’t notice when we said it in this vlog you got to go back and watch it because it’s big, it’s huge we told you and it’s awesome yes and it’s a big major thing that’s happening to us so we hope you caught that earlier we did tell you it’s very sad it’s vert sad and happy at the same time yes hope you guys enjoyed this video LIKE, SUBSCRIBE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY and until next time bye [Music]