[Music] hey everyone welcome back to another episode of behind Ray’s hey now in this episode you’re gonna notice we are not in the same house because we have moved to the road now if you want to check out our house where you can click the information button right up there and find it on Brooklyn and Bailey’s channel and then we also took Paisley and furred I test and you’ll find out whether or not she needs eyeglasses and we also hosted the majestic Halloween party this week so it’s been a very very busy week we’re all very tired so if you want to give this video a thumbs up go ahead and do that and be sure to subscribe and let’s go on to the video [Music] in a wheelbarrow with and over here we have a lobster for the pop stars and then I got mac and cheese in the mousetrap mac and cheese of course it had to come on a mousetrap and Bailey our Nexus there is near it Mary Antoinette let’s do the final spin check out the hairstyle we are finishing their meal and I am and I will let you for the next like three days yes literally I have a baby it’s not a real food baby right now he’s going to make so much food but it was so good [Music] moving along still looks kind of normal in here [Music] but if you go upstairs it does not empty [Music] here’s the studio doesn’t much look like our studio anymore in the Attic oh the Attic all the bins and boxes alright Dax go ahead and open it you know what it is is that sure from space yeah it’s from space let me see you hold it up it’s upside down so that’s a SpaceX hoodie yeah okay what else do you have SpaceX – so what do you want to be when you grow up gonna be an astronaut for NASA or SpaceX so Amy our manager her boyfriend but it works for SpaceX right and he heard that you are a huge SpaceX fan and he did what there’s another one oh my goodness what do you what do you say do you say thanks Amy and Alex so first official vlog in the new house and it pretty much looks like utter chaos [Music] yep we still have boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff but it’s Halloween so we’re putting that all away for tonight hey where’s my witty poo and we got the fighter-pilot and to make things even a little bit crazier tonight we found out about an hour ago that our work order for the water being turned or left on it was on and we asked them to leave it on didn’t get in before the work order turn it off got in and so we have no water tonight we will get water again in the morning but so much for flushing toilets hey guys I’m currently taking pictures and I’m prompt yes my costume whoo and now let’s look at everybody else we’ve got Katie she’s a Taurus but looking good with us choco we’ve got Eric he’s a lifeguard out here we suppose he’s supposed to save her because you know B she’s kind of getting bit by the shark bit there on her legs what is this we’ve got Mario and mushroom cuties we’ve got part of my squad food squad just popcorn we’ve got the label over here who did it he did it dress up all right who else oh oh let’s not forget Brussels an old guy and then we’ve got Oh and luck no we just showed up over there hey guys we’re walking around and we just kind of want to show you what Halloween looks like so so over that way right back there is a haunted house you can’t really see it cuz it’s all dark there’s like a tube and people to walk through it I’m hopefully the horn will go off and you can hear that and then we write down that Street all these golf carts and the smoke over there and then we’ve got a barbecue happenin right over here more golf cards and it’ll just continue to go on this way all night and down the street this house does are you smarter than a 5th grader Bridget Taylor are you smarter than a 5th grader you get a shadow we didn’t know how to answer you look like Medusa right now it’s been like snakes in the hair 18 years since I’ve had a perm last time she had a perm it was like yeah and who’s doing this for you my friend smelly smelly Melanie know how we do Melanie are you intimidated to do minis hair at all no no she’s like your sister right so what’s it gonna look like what are you doing I’m just giving myself texture texture oh yeah will you still be able to braid your hair which is not something she normally does on her own got in trouble or something – Rolla I’m you’ve been wearing the right color in there for you look at you that’s awesome you missed a spot over there choose a dad what do the Naenae type it up and stab in fact it’s like on [Music] eight that’s very close you’re doing a good job what about what’s this one mm-hmm yeah all right let me show you one more thing does this make the Z a little easier to see yours that harder to see [Music] be sure to leave a comment below whether you wear glasses or not or contacts and let’s see how many of you guys wear glasses be sure to give us the thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe you can find all of our other videos by clicking this button right in here and you can find out hair cells by clicking the button right there and we’ll see you guys next week bye guys you [Music]