wait I wish we had like a sound effect for ours Gemini you can be two twin babies alright ladies ladies night it’s lemonade oh we are gonna be dressing according to our zodiac signs for a day since I’m leo does that mean that I just kind of do loving fathers Browns Naturals furs now that is the aesthetic interpretation okay of your side okay or you could look into the character so get something up leo hmm generous warm you like to provide security strong loyal open-minded you’ll have to show and receive affection you love to be adored David like the way that you fall asleep the fastest it’s being cuddled 100% why is cozy not listed as this is not current impractical with money that I’m the opposite of that you like a lavish lifestyle highly creative resourceful big ego can be a bit prideful okay sure but it means that I’m not too proud to say that I’m sorry but I wouldn’t say that I have a big ego the man who just talked behind camera can have a fiery temper I think that’s true and I think you like articulate your grievances in a very like calm way yeah I’d love to be in love you think you’re just gonna lean all the way into like Wizard of Oz part of a lie because I was originally thinking like costume oh yeah lion costume Maine James you can’t just bring your cat and be like look so I know that now Nathan and I are both geminis has a strong need for communication and likes to talk about a wide variety of subjects loves to seek out and analyze information yes inquisitive I think that’s also true quick to think and act to me that seems contradictory yeah to them to what that other thing is resourceful has a can do nothing is impossible attitude next bullet point is perceptive right and energetic I’d say definitely yes yes and I think I had my moment yeah next up is loves to read and write again we know that for Kristen he had based on her career yeah cuz the thing is like I like did a lot of writing in college like I was like a copy editor for the year but strong imagination loves to know current events and watch the news this reminds me of your mom my mom loves the tea many are journalists and editors yep well I was not a journalist I did write open-minded tolerant and heartfelt I think that’s also true yes I don’t know how tolerant I am I feel like you’re tolerant with reason though yeah I think I’m probably more tolerant than you are yeah you both seem very loyal honest but sometimes so direct that others may be offended I think once I get frustrated yeah I think I hit a point where I’m like it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine it’s fine stop flexible adapts easily tends to look youthful yes yeah a sharer of what it doesn’t say I feel like I’m like a sharer with like information about myself I don’t know if I’m sharer loves to travel very much the next one the trigger word confrontational I’m so not confrontational sure I don’t think you’re confrontational but I don’t think you’re afraid of it exactly moving on we’re almost at the end have a tendency to keep their negative or dark side hidden from society this dualism causes some to view them as duplicitous or scheming it doesn’t feel like it’s true so there’s this feeling about Gemini’s worth like Gemini’s are two-faced telling Gemini’s are two-faced I think Japanese have two personalities cuz like I definitely have two personalities I have like personality and then I have okay I’m being serious right now for me I have like a very like oh I’m chill like whatever who cares and then my other personality is when that confrontational side comes out not cozy well restless thank you both are restless in different ways but I think you both arrest wait how are we restless in different ways you’re more like energy indecisive yeah I’m pretty in his eyes I’m super indecisive can get stressed out yeah nervous high-strung a warrior intrusive I don’t think either of you are intrusive no so our symbol is the twins so you guys just dressed the same really funny costumes he attack I had a vision but I wanted to save the physics I think he’s gonna ruin the surprise can I whisper to you the vision oh no don’t tell her you have to tell me since I’m different black and white pattern mixing do use a whisper I mean I heard colors all that being said I do like that so now I want to do those colors tomorrow we’re gonna wear out this we’re gonna walk around and try to see if people can guess what our signs are basing our outfit this is really interesting because no one is ever able to guess that I’m a Leo that always guys literally everything all right let’s do it so it’s time to dress according to our zodiac signs time for me to pick my clothes it is raining outside so I will be wearing my little rain booties so my shoes are already decided for me and I’m just hiding between a couple pants but I really don’t know what shirt I’m gonna wear I kind of overheard what Kristin was gonna do I thought I heard colors and it sort of jogged my memory like oh I have something that could kind of be like suit jacket that has two sides to it one side is black one side is white which is like really cool so I have a vision but it turns out my vision might just be 2060 I think what’s happening here is this pattern is too tight and this pattern is too loose so these would look two different colors don’t make me come up with two ideas I’m one idea per day kind of girl so I am here with my own little lion so my little such as gonna help me pick up my shirt so I’m thinking that I’ll wear either of these two pants because they’re bold which is Leo okay James help me pick a shirt three anyway Gemini’s are also eautiful and so I think I’m gonna wear these pink pants with it I’m trying to make this an outfit that like doesn’t feel like a costume or Felicity I kind of want to make it something that I actually will feel comfortable in today my vision is black and white pattern mixing but none of my black and white patterns really go together which I know is the point but shut up anything you like he put his behind a shirt let’s see what shirt it is it’s a Snoopy shirt and he just walked away so I’m gonna try this option one it’s okay so I do think that we are gonna officially pivot to the other pants another big part of being a gym that is like loving to travel so I think I might be that person to like have props and I’m gonna bring a rolling suitcase with me because you know always on the go let’s see how this ends up looking good wear these but I’ve have already worn these with this blazer I don’t like to copy outfits Mississippi white this is cream oh I hate answering my own questions before I’ve even finished asking them here are these pants and these are my rainbow geese I do like the other pants better but they’re just really not comfortable gonna dig a little bit more but I’ve also had people tell me in the past is that Leo is just known for being like grounded so I think maybe that’s what I need to try to achieve with this look to feel like this right now looking a little like jammies it’s a little bit of an interesting outfit I don’t know what this look is but I feel like it’s definitely giving me an 80s vibe and early 90s five I’m gonna go get my suitcase so this is the suitcase I’m gonna bring I was making fun of Chantelle we’re trying to do Sita with this project and like me with all my props I’m like doing the exact same thing okay I think I figured it out but you can’t see it yet not nope no no look I’m putting makeup on I’ll throw a bra here is another outfit I like them and I think that they do represent being bold and strategic I don’t know how they’re working with this shirt I’m worried that it’s not presenting enough contrast with the pants so that just for a good outfit I need something else like maybe this red and red is known for being bold passionate all that stuff so I will try it so I’ve been at the office dressed in full garb for like 45 minutes still waiting on Kristin and Chantal I think Chantal is having trouble figuring out her zodiac outfit which I understand because it’s tough Chantal waiting you like this oh you like it well that’s good this is what I’m working with I also think people would be able to guess that this is Leo because Leo is also a fire sign I’m also getting my raincoat out which I think only further lends itself to being Leo because this coat is business heck yeah this is it okay human-loving are different iterations of Gemini FBLA I’m doing it half and half so for situation with my chiid and you are with your glasses so first I was like on the single of black and white patterns like having a world of simultaneously if I did that I look like I do a combination of like business with nipples Italian I feel like there’s two personalities to me and then there you see why is never one thing often get used to it but I would have been of advice I put James in my clogs Oh who’s gonna be back here he can’t be here he dressed according to our zodiac sign so we’re going around and saying if you look in guess which we are it’s in our outfit all right thank you you know that okay Gemini yeah black and white we also traveling on the go yeah like we’re always going for you this is like pop star jet back where 80s or going to the club – man I’m going to do I like how it should your kind of show not even out there she’s fine she a while still comes together in one piece and that’s like red piracy yes sir Gary I’m thinking because you’re presenting super like just really well do we have you right where personality and apparently right warrior luckily ocean for hockey Lou so she’s gonna get belligerently drunk at the club but she will tell you something that stuff definitely perfectly this is like the Shaffer hints oh and you have two of things it’s two glasses so your these are in Gemini yeah together tonight really is that freak bigger one both sides are very similar to each other and I think that’s one way that’s why I like how you show you sexiness but the black and white contrast that you are different from everyone else oh my god we did it ladies we did it it’s a pretty good job I feel like we may have underestimated Chantal a little bit in the beginning people guess your side people knew yeah I mean it helped that you made raro noises yes – pretty much right away yeah and then honestly my pants might have made it a little harder for Kristen because then I think they were trying to find a correlation between this also I think my prop helped I learned not to tell people what I’m doing although this was a really fun challenge because it’s nice to like give yourself little fashion challenges that sort of help you refresh the items you already have I think this is like a really fun exercise dressing according to our zodiac signs lady tested lady [Music] [Applause] [Music]