– [Connie] Who wants to
go to Target with me? – Me! Raise your hand Tyler.
We’re going to Target. – No. I’m so confused. What are you doing? – [Connie] How long does it
normally take to get your braces tightened? – Whoa! I almost died. (slow jazz music) – [Connie] Oh, those
don’t go in the house. Those stay in the car. Let’s go. (upbeat rock music) – Hey, guys. – Hello. – Hi. – It’s “We Are the Davises”. – Back with another vlog. – Yes. – [Connie] Yes, today is
going to be a little bit on the crazy side. – Yes We just got our school supply list here, – Yes – [Connie] and apparently,
what’s happened? – We don’t have a lot of the
things that are on this list. (Laughs) – So we’ve got a ton of school supplies that were super cute, super fun- – Yes, a lot of Halo. (claps) – She has twinsies with somebody else with She has all her cool notepads… – [Tyler] Notebooks. – [Connie] Notebooks,
she’s got her notebooks, and she’s labeled some
of them based on classes she knew she had. But it turns out what? – We are still missing some. – We’re missing a lot of supplies. And we totally forgot
about Tyler’s new supplies. – Tyler has nothing. – [Connie] He has nothing,
not even a binder. Nothing. Nothing at all, not even a pencil. – And school starts tomorrow. – [Connie] And this list,
guys, is two pages long. Oh, look, supplies. That means
every teacher that they have needs their own supplies. – Yes, so we’re going to go to Target! – [Connie] So what is it,
like times seven or what? – Yeah, basically. Well, PE
doesn’t really have anything, so it’s six. (Laughs) – [Connie] Okay, so we
have like six teachers’ worth of supplies. We need to hurry because
school is starting immediately. We are at the very end of vacation. (girl wails) – [Connie] And, Target’s
probably picked over. I don’t know if we’re going
to be able to find anything. – Stop saying that. – [Connie] I know. It’s terrible. What are we going to
do? We’re freaking out. (children wail) – [Connie] Whatcha got there? – I got this for my birthday. It’s a emergency kit,
a locker emergency kit. We’ve got lip balm, and tape,
and pencils, and notepads. All the emergency stuff. Just in case I leave my entire backpack. – [Connie] Isn’t that on the list? – There’s a notebook – [Connie] Was lip balm one
of the items on the list? – We got tape. – [Connie] Was tape, glitter
tape, was that on the list? – I don’t think so. – [Tyler] Gum was. – [Connie] Oh my gosh. – Gum was definitely on the list. – [Connie] Gum? Oh my
gosh. Do you have gums? – I have lots of gum. – [Connie] But it wasn’t on the list. This is like a scavenger hunt. – I have a pack of 35 piece of gum. – [Connie] Oh my. – I am so hyped about it. Okay. – [Connie] I do have one
idea since we’ve been talking I just thought about this. We have this hutch thing over here. I use to homeschool them
so I have some supplies maybe we can start with that, start checking off what we have. – Right here, I think even
there’s a bag of stuff. I don’t know if it’s all school supplies, it might be some craft stuff,
but we can start with this. Let’s see what this. – [Kayla] Oh my gosh. – [Connie] Okay that looks good. – [Kayla] Glitter glue! – [Connie] Oh, there you
go, was that on the list? – No. (laughs) – Composition books. – [Connie] Do you need those? – I need spiral. – [Connie] We gotta look on the list. I’ve got another bag right here too. So let’s see what this is. – [Kayla] These are really nice pencils. – [Connie] We’ve got a pile of stuff that’s just kinda been accumulating over the course of the last few years. We don’t know which… – Ooo these are actually really nice. – [Connie] Do you need those? – Yes. – [Connie] Okay. Tyler’s
going over his list right now. (Kayla laughs) – Actually these aren’t
too big so I can use these. – [Connie] So maybe we
can use some of this stuff and then go to Target. – I need red pens. – [Connie] Who wants to
go to Target with me? – Me! Raise your hand Tyler,
we’re going to Target. – No. – Yep. (Laughs) – [Connie] So maybe
it’s just me and Kayla. – Woop woop! – [Connie] We have a couple
other things we gotta do, right? Get a gift for somebody, and… – I feel like we always
have to get gifts for people in all of our vlogs,
we’re getting a late gift. (Kayla laughs) – [Connie] Isn’t it the
best way to have a reason to go shopping? – Yes. – [Connie] We gotta go gift
something for somebody. – I love getting presents for other people especially when you know
they’re gonna love it. Like, they will love this,
it’s gonna be great, okay. (Connie laughs) – [Connie] So you guys,
we’re gonna get back to you on the school stuff and
we’ll figure this out… – Are we gonna show
them the other present? – [Connie] Yeah. – Right now? – [Connie] Okay. (Kayla squeaks) – Okay this is what I mean
when you have something that you know they’re gonna love. This is for Vanessa, and if
you don’t know who Vanessa is check out her channel,
it’s “Taylor and Vanessa”. We’re best friends, we’re in
a squad called the “nasties”. And her birthday passed, and
I found these little lamps, and when you touch them, they change colors for the other person, and she lives in Florida,
so we’re a long distance. But if we have this, then
we can contact each other, and it’ll change and stuff,
so it’s really cute… – [Connie] You know the other
person’s thinking about you. – Yeah. – [Connie] Let’s plug it in
and see what it looks like. – [Tyler] You guys
should learn Morse Code. – [Connie] Morse Code?
Yeah you probably could. – [Kayla] So right now this
isn’t connected to hers because we haven’t sent it yet. – [Connie] No, that’s what we gotta go do. – Yeah. – [Connie] We gotta go to UPS and… – Send it. – [Connie] Get her lamp sent to her. – Let’s see… Tada! Now how do you
turn it… there it goes. – [Connie] Ooo, so it’s
getting ready or something. – It’s charging. – [Connie] Nah, no I don’t
know what it’s doing. – Wait I don’t know how this works. – [Connie] It’s being… ah there it goes. – Ooo, there it goes! So if you touch it. (Gasps) There I did it again, oh my gosh. Wait now it’s switching
between green and blue. I’m very confused. – [Connie] It’s talking to somebody. – I’m so confused, what are you doing? We don’t know what we’re doing. How do you do it? – [Connie] Maybe it’s freaking out ’cause it doesn’t have it’s buddy yet. – [Tyler] Yeah, it doesn’t have its buddy. – [Connie] Once we
configure it to the wi-fi… – It’ll work. – [Connie] Then you guys can
do your S.O.S. communication. – Okay, but this is a sneak peek. (Kayla laughs) – [Connie] So once it’s configured it should be one color, maybe, and then you touch it, and
it’ll let them know that you’re. – It’s so cute though. – [Connie] Communicating with them. – I am so happy I found this. I was looking all over the
internet trying to find something and I found this and I was so excited so… I can’t wait. – [Connie] Yay! (Kayla Laughs) – [Kayla] Oh it stopped. (plastic tap) – [Connie] So now it’s solid. – [Kayla] It’s calming down. – [Tyler] Vanessa touched it. – [Connie] Yeah it had to calm down. – [Kayla] Okay, let’s
go to Target, though. – [Connie] Oh, it just changed,
it’s getting crazy again. – It doesn’t know what to do. – [Connie] It doesn’t know. – Oh it changed again. – [Tyler] It’s been five
minutes looking at this light. – Okay let’s go to Target. – [Connie] Okay Target. – Okay so it’s just me and Kayla. Tyler is doing his Fortnite thing. But we will do a quick flashback
to earlier this morning where Tyler and I went to the Orthodontist and showed him getting
his braces tightened. (Kayla laughs) – Right now I’m going to the Orthodontist to get my braces tightened, ’cause I have braces still, sadly. And I always go here
at least once a month. And we are on the road
right now going right now. – [Connie] Do you like
getting your braces done? – It hurts a little bit at first, but after a couple of days then it’s good. – [Connie] What color
rubber bands do you get? – I don’t know. (Laughs) – [Connie] Different every time? – Yeah, different every time. – [Connie] How long does it normally take to get your braces tightened? – Like, ten minutes. – [Connie] Yeah, it’s real fast. – Yeah, they take the wires out and they put new wires
in, boom, you’re done. – [Connie] Yeah. – And they say, hey you want new colors? And you say yeah, sure. – [Connie] Well we’ll get to show you guys in just a second what that’s like if you’ve never seen braces done. – Yeah. – Yeah and it’s super exciting. – Totally. (Connie laughs) – Okay so we are at the
Orthodontist right now. And they have toys here because every single time you
come here you get nickles, and if you get enough
nickles you can buy a toys. This is 20 nickles, that’s five nickles. – [Connie] I think that’s really cool. They reward you for coming in
and getting your braces done, and not having broken brackets, and stuff, so they give you coins. – Yeah. (chill music) – It’s the worst. – Now, let’s go shopping. – Yes. – We are sending the box. (Laughs) – Mailing Vanessa her gift. – Yes. Whoa, I almost died. (Connie Laughs) – Okay while Kayla is doing
that I’m gonna check our mail. Here’s all our mail that we’re getting. Thank you guys for the
fan mail, we love it. You guys are awesome. Ooo what’s in the box? I can’t wait to find
out what’s in the box. We’ll have to do a video on that. Let’s all see it together. Put this to the car. This is like daily mail for us. (Girls laugh) – Sometimes more, if we
haven’t come in awhile. – Yeah, if I wait a week it’s insane. – It’s a lot. – You got it still? – I got this, I’m a
strong independent woman. This one’s heavy. Okay, okay let’s get more. – [Connie] All done with that. (relaxing electronic music) – I got a fake plant for my locker. ‘Cause I was wanting to put a real one in, but we don’t want it
to die, so, fake plant. – [Connie] Cute, so we
gotta decorate your locker. – I’m so excited. (Connie laughs) Last year I didn’t use my
locker cause I came in late. So I was working on
getting all my school work, instead of my locker, so I
just carried all my stuff. So, this year I’m gonna do it. (upbeat music) We did it. – [Connie] We did it, we did
it, we’ve got everything. And the only thing we
missed were the earbuds we couldn’t find those
so I’m gonna order ’em. – Yep, we’ve got all the other essentials. – [Connie] Victory dance,
slow-mo victory dance. – Freeze frame. (cat meow) (Girls laugh) – A plus. – [Connie] What are we gonna do? – I don’t know. (Girls laugh) – [Connie] Maybe we should
go pick out some food and get some dinner. – Yes. – [Connie] Okay. – Got all the bags. – [Connie] So we’re at Whole Foods and Kayla remembered to
bring our recycle bags. In California it’s really
popular to use recycle bags. Comment below if you
guys use recycle bags. – Save the trees. – [Connie] Yeah. Remember when we did the three
marker tote bag challenge? – We had extra ones. – We use them. Alright I’m super starving, can’t wait to see what’s in here. – I got some fluoride free toothpaste. Because mom says that it’s better for you. So I’m gonna try it, and we’ll see. – [Connie] Is that an organic toothpaste? – It says fluoride free,
it’s got, I don’t know, fancy no artificial stuff. (Laughs) – [Connie] And I got one too, I got an organic coconut oil toothpaste. – [Kayla] Yeah mine doesn’t
have this thing on it. But it’s still probably good. – [Connie] I really like
it, it’s still minty, it makes my breath fresh, so… – Yeah, and this one’s supposed
to make my teeth whiter, I think, it says brightening gel, so… – [Connie] Very cool. – We’ll try it. – [Connie] Alright. (chill music) – So I love this seaweed, and I didn’t know it came
in these little packages, so I’ve been having to
pick all of them out and throw them in the thing. But now I can just get
the little boxes of them. – [Connie] Kayla’s going bulk. – Oh my gosh. – [Connie] Bulk packaging
organic seaweed, gotta love it. (Girls laugh) (chill music) – [Connie] Oh my gosh,
everyone’s so happy, we’re home, we’re home, yay! – Let’s go outside, let’s go outside. Come on go potty. – [Connie] So if you guys haven’t noticed, how cute Kayla’s hat is. It’s our We Are the Davises unicorn hat. And Kayla loves it, she
wears it all the time. – It’s my favorite, I love it so much. – [Connie] Yeah, look at the
back, let’s look at the back. – It says Davises on it. – [Connie] Aww so cute. – Mines a little warped because
I have a small head, so… (Girls laugh) – [Connie] She has it
cinched really tight. Perfect for those sunny days when you don’t want the sun in your face. – I should have brought, I
did bring this to Florida I just forgot to wear it, but I love it. – [Connie] Yeah, and it goes
so well with your shirt. You look so cute, perfect. The dogs are off running
around doing their thing. – Hershey’s looking for lizards. As always. – [Connie] Hello. – Hi. – [Connie] Wanna help me unload the car? Yes, I knew you would. (Girls laugh) We’ve got all your school
supplies so you didn’t have to go. – Okay fine. – [Connie] What are you playing right now? – Fortnite, obviously. (Laughs) – [Connie] So Tyler’s running around doing something over there. – [Tyler] Yep. (keyboard clicking) – [Connie] You’re building a… – [Tyler] Yes. – [Connie] Getting ready to do something. – [Tyler] I don’t know what
I’m doing, I’m just building. – [Connie] So now he’s building his invisible fort supposedly, I don’t know. – [Tyler] Yeah, totally. (Connie laughs) – I’m stuck. (Laughs) (footsteps) – [Connie] So we have all kinds of stuff. We have groceries, school
supplies, fan mail. It’s endless fun, oh that’s heavy. – [Tyler] Why do we have four binders? – [Connie] Cause you and
Kayla both needed binders. Here’s our editor,
working, working, working. – Oh we got pizza. – [Connie] Oh, yeah, Kayla got you pizza. – [Kayla] This one’s
yours, this one’s mine. (Connie laughs) – [Connie] Ah, this food is so good. I got crab cakes. I don’t know if you guys
have ever heard of that. And these are spinach
burrito things that we got. – [Kayla] I’m trying to
feel which ones heavier. – [Connie] Oh yeah, Kayla
got mashed potatoes. Okay we’re getting sidetracked
cause Tyler’s still outside. These are turkey strips,
like chicken strips. Oh those don’t go in the house. Those stay in the car, let’s go. (Kayla laughs) Someday we will do yoga again. (Kayla laughs) Soon as the kids start school again, which they will have by
the time you see this. – Yes. – [Connie] Once we get
over the whole sleepy cycle week where everybody’s grumpy
because they’re not use to it. (groan) We can go back to the gym. (groan) And you guys can do some weight training. (groan) Let’s get some of this fan mail. Already hungry from all that hard work. Is that good? (Connie laughs) That looks like a very full day. Super busy, how’s that pizza? – It’s good. – [Connie] You like the pizza? – Yep. – [Connie] So you guys
when we start school again you wanna do some personal
training, you know go to the gym. – Sure. – [Connie] Flex your muscles, you know. – I don’t have any. – [Connie] Show your guns. (Connie laughs) Tyler uses his Fortnite guns. (Connie laughs) We already lost Tyler again. – Yep, back to playing Fortnite. – He only gets a couple
more days of playing and then it’s school,
school, school again. (Kayla laughs) (Connie laughs) So we’re gonna have dinner
and Shawn is still at work. You guys won’t get to see him because we’re gonna say goodnight
to you guys right now. – End of vlog. – Yeah. – So we hope you guys enjoyed
this vlog, comment down below. – Ooo, do they do the recycle bags? – Oh. – Where you live do the stores
want you to use recycle bags or do they just bag it for you? – Yeah, so comment down
below, question of the day, and until next time, bye. – Bye. (upbeat music)