like many others chocolate Kristen hard has a love
affair with chocolate out what I love about chocolate what is there not to love about what’s
happened has been around for hundreds of years and making people have
been loving it for the entire team it’s a custom but there’s a lot more love than the
divine taste talk with more than just a matter of the
heart for what we give to people that we love chocolate has future Internet that can
help us to protect your heart the call platano may help to increase
the blood flow to your heart and it also helps your body to reduce
the amount of plaque that was taken arterial wall so it’s not an elite o’clock that a
woman to lead to heart attack and stroke but not all chocolate is heart-healthy
for looking for the health feared burden the chocolate look for the term
dark chocolate so that’s gonna be on the label and then look for a higher percentage so
around 55 75 percent as we’re gonna start to get a really
good amount to build healthy Flavell without as much of the added sugar and
fat and the Chocolate other benefits and cocoa powder the main
ingredient and dark chocolate may include raising good cholesterol
levels the high-density lipids or HDL while lowering bad cholesterol
levels the low density lab it’s or LDL dark chocolate with at least 70 percent
a cow contains fiber and is high in antioxidants
anti-oxidants are really important because they help to protect us against
third diseases like cancer and macular degeneration from aging and so if you take in food to have more
min anti-oxidants run automatically reduce your risk for the certain types
of diseases the seeds from the fruit in the Calgary
also known as cocoa beans packed the nutritional punch the beans
are grounded a cocoa powder to create chocolate the raw material
just like a great a bottle of wine and that every step of
the way each staff is very important and
critical to the and flavor a lot of blinding really processes out the nutritional
benefit kinda like taking upstanding broccoli and overcooking
broccoli basically sucked out all the good stuff
well dark chocolate may be considered a superfruit motor with more anti-oxidants and Polly
been all the blueberries an Aussie limit this we treat to a serving a day
and out the dark chocolate would be about to have the small posted net for some dark chocolate can be an acquired taste
but taste buds condition to milk chocolate will soon adjust to the more
robust flavor and at the health benefits aren’t enough here’s another reason to enjoy your
chocolate guild very so if you eat chocolate while you’re
feeling guilty then there’s an enzyme its release in
your mouth at the that destroys the flavor so it’s necessary to get rid of that
girl and so you can actually enjoy the top Adama calling CNN